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Campus Recreation
Campus Recreation
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Running & Biking Trails

If running or biking on a trail piques your interest, you can use the following resources to find a great local trail.

Biking and Running Trails

SIUE Single Track Trails
Madison County Trails

Running Trails

SIUE 5K or 3.1 Mile Course
SIUE 6K or 3.7 Mile Course
SIUE 8K or 5 Mile Course
SIUE 10K or 6.2 Mile Course

SIUE Bike Share Program

Bicycling has been part of SIUE since its inception. The Morris Trail was part of the original plan for the campus. The trail connects to the Madison County Transit Trail System and Edwardsville. Bicycling engages students with the outdoors and the community at large. Furthermore, cycling is a wonderful way to combine three things: fitness, recreation, and transportation. The mission of the bike share program is to encourage a culture shift in SIUE students, faculty, and staff toward increased reliance on non-carbon modes of transportation. This program will provide those who do not own bicycles with the opportunity to explore the SIUE campus and see how advantageous a bike can be while rediscovering the fun of bike-riding.

For more information on the Bike Share Program, click here.

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