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Employee of the Month - September 2016

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This Month's Employee of the Month

Cody has been working for Campus Recreation as a Personal Trainer since May 2016. Soon after he began working, he stepped into the roles of Swim Instructor and Fitness Attendant as well. His desire to help and attention to detail have helped our department continue to provide quality service. Cody continues to grow within Campus Recreation and will also be working in the Wellness Center this fall providing Fitness Assessments. His desire to continue to grow is apparent and we have no doubt of success for his future.

His ability to connect with clients and share his passion for health and fitness with others makes him an asset to our personal training program. Below are some things that past clients have had to say about Cody:
“Cody is great!!!”
“I would love to train with him again!”

Cody is studying Exercise Science and will graduate in May 2017. He is passionate about the field. Cody is also involved in the Exercise Science Club and the National Wild Turkey Federation committee.

In his free time, you can find Cody staying as active as he can! He enjoys working out, playing intramural sports, reading, hanging out and hunting.

Cody Snyder

[IMAGE: Cody Snyder | August 2016 EOM]

Last Month's Employee of the Month

Chelsea is a Business Administration major, specializing in Management & Marketing. She has been employed by Campus Recreation since last August and has been able to quickly transfer strengths from her previous work experiences and academic study. She has recently advanced through a competitive process to become a Facility Supervisor for us. Her Supervisor, Dave Hagedorn, reports, “Chelsea has particular strengths in attention to detail and customer service, but her consistent effort to do her best in each situation and continue to learn is what sets her apart more than anything else”.

Chelsea plans to graduate in May of 2017 and is driven by her passion for animals. She would love to do something with community improvement where she can interact with local business, people and animals.

You get a sense for Chelsea’s ambition as She presents her plans for the future...

“Plan A: I would love to open up my own pet boutique which will focus on pet nutrition and holistic remedies. Plus, have the basic necessities, but will be specialty items for dogs/cats (collars, boots for hiking, toys, and etc.) Plan B: I would like to start my own or partner up with a start-up Hippo-Therapy ranch. For those who do not know what that is, it is horseback riding that is used for a therapeutic/rehabilitative treatment to improve coordination, balance, and strength. Plan C: This plan is similar to Plan B, but it is to find a mature company that accepts active, injured/PTSD veterans to help take care of the ranch and the horses. This helps them get back into the world at their own pace to heal from their past or current lives. This not only gives back to the community, but it gives back to our veterans who sacrificed their lives for our country.”

Chelsea is a member of the SIUE Nutrition Club, Outdoor Adventure Club and volunteer for Partner for Pets. Her free time consists of working at her other job, reading/writing blogs about pet and human nutrition, and hanging out with cats, Elsa and Olaf. She also loves doing outdoor events through the SFC, you should try it out!

Chelsea Mettler

[IMAGE: Chelsea Mettler | August 2016 EOM]

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