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Practicum Program Description

Clinical Training Opportunities at Counseling Services

There are three different practicum positions within Counseling Services.  The three positions include Counselor in Training, Outreach Specialist, and Case Management Specialist.  Below is a brief description of each position: 

1.       Counselor in Training                       

This position is for second year masterd level students majoring in Social Work, Psychology, or Counseling that requires a minimum of 20 hours per week.  Counselors in Training will conduct individual intakes, provide individual counseling, and co-facilitate group counseling.  Hours available for this position are Monday - Friday from 8:00 am and 4:30 pm.  Counselors in Training will have access to an office in order to provide individual counseling.  Each week practicum counselors receive at least one hour of individual supervision, one hour of group supervision, and one hour of case consultation. Counselors in Training are matched with senior staff members who supervise their work throughout the placement. Audio and/or video recording of all client sessions is required. Review of the tapes is an important component of supervision.

      Minimum Qualifications

  • Graduate coursework in theories and methods of counseling and psychotherapy
  • Graduate coursework in basic counseling and interviewing skills

      Preferred Qualifications

  • Graduate coursework focusing on multiculturalism, diversity, and ethics
  • Previous clinical experience (employment, practicum, etc.)
  • DSM Diagnosis and Abnormal Psychology

2.       Outreach Specialist    

This position is available to both undergraduate and graduate students majoring in Psychology or Social Work and requires a minimum of 15 hours per week.  Outreach Specialists will facilitate the Healthy Living Workshops (stress management, test anxiety, etc.) as well as workshops/outreach presentations for classrooms and residence halls. The Outreach Specialist will also be responsible for representing Counseling Services at various information tables throughout the University. Hours for this position are more flexible as there are many opportunities to give presentations in the residence halls during evening hours.  Outreach Specialists will be provided a work station if personal office space is not available.  We will consider accommodating an Outreach Specialist Position in the summer.

3.       Case Management Specialist

This position is available to first or second year MSW students and requires a minimum of 15 hours per week between the hours of 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.  The Case Management Specialist is responsible for making contacts/fostering relationships with community agencies and developing resources to address various needs of students.  The Case Management Specialist will make necessary community resource referrals for therapy clients that are working with the Senior Staff Counselors and Counselors in Training.  The Case Management Specialist will have direct contact with those clients when providing referrals.

Mandatory Orientation
Practicum Students participate in an extensive orientation. The orientation typically occurs a week prior to the new semester starting and provides an overview of the agency's policies and procedures, as well as a review of ethical / legal issues and responsibilities.

Terms of Placement
To allow for continuity of treatment for clients, the practicum ordinarily involves a 9 to 12 month commitment beginning in August or January. Please refer to Practicum Position Descriptions for the minimum hours per week required for each practicum position.  Please note that your academic program may require more hours. The practicum experience does not offer a stipend.

Application Materials
The deadline for application for a practicum beginning in August is March 1st. The deadline for application for a practicum beginning in January is October 1st. Please contact our Practicum Coordinator for information about summer practicum opportunities.  Please submit the following documents to the attention of Jessica Ulrich, LCSW, Practicum Coordinator:

  • Cover letter detailing reasons for application and qualifications
  • Resume
  • Transcript (a photocopy is acceptable)
  • Two Recommendation Forms with attached professional letters of reference

Application Procedure
To ensure fairness to all interested parties, Counseling Services staff will review the applications and selected candidates will be invited to interview. During the interview, each candidate will meet with the entire Counseling Services staff. Please allow one hour for this process. The staff will select the most qualified candidates. In the event that a selected practicum student resigns, the placement may be offered to another qualified candidate.

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