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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.Is the GRE score accepted?

  • Yes, but only with prior approval of the Program Director.

Q.How should I format the statement of Interest?

  • There is no standard format. However, a one to two page essay articulating effectively the career goals would appropriate.

Q. What is an acceptable GMAT Score?

  • A minimum GMAT score of 500 is required for the MMR program. Typically, students admitted into the MMR program in the past have had an average GMAT score of 580 and above.

Q. Is prior work experience required for admission into the program?

  • No, but it is preferred. Students admitted into the program in the past have had an average work experience of 3.5 years and above.

Q. Can I send in my applications before the University deadline but my GMAT score a little later?

  • You may apply and your GMAT scores may come in later, but you will not receive an answer on your application until your application file is complete. The GMAT is a required component of the application file.

Q. How can I get Financial Support?

Q. When will I be informed about my admission after I have completed the application process?

  • The process takes around 4-6 weeks after receiving the application material. The time duration depends on the number of students that have applied and university operations.

Q. Who can I coordinate with regarding my admission application?

Q. How long is the program?

  • If entering with an undergraduate degree with a major or minor in business, or an MBA, the MMR program will take 16 to 18 months depending on the semester of commencement (Summer, Fall, Spring). For applicants with degrees in non-business fields, the program may take up to 2 years.

Q. Is there a distance learning option?

  • At SIUE we value the traditional face-to-face method of learning. Most of the classes are held at the Edwardsville, IL campus, while some classes might be held online.

Q. How tough is it to find a job?

  • Over the 21 years of the MMR program, we have placed near 100% of our graduates in either MR Firms or client organizations.
  • MMR graduates are usually placed with leading international agencies (e.g., ACNielsen , IRI, Maritz Research, Research International) and Fortune 500 Client Corporations (e.g.., Anheuser Busch, AOL, Coca-Cola, Compaq, AG Edwards, Kellogg, Microsoft, Motorola, Roche, SBC).

Q. What special skills will I have after graduation?

  • The program offers a balanced mix of quantitative, qualitative, communication and interpersonal skills. This means that you will learn analytical techniques as well as how to apply those in a decision making context.

Q. How large is the program?

  • We admit an average of 25-30 students in a given academic year.

Q. How do I qualify for an internship?

  • Unconditional admission to the program is required. After that, students interview for internship positions with sponsoring firms (research agencies and client organizations) and are selected through a competitive process.

Q. What does it cost to attend SIUE?

  • Click here to view current tuition and fees information.

Q. Can I fax the transcripts?

  • Faxed transcripts are not considered official. You must have your transcripts mailed directly from the issuing institution to the SIUE Office of Admissions, Box 1047, SIUE, Edwardsville, IL 62026-1047.

Q. What kind of public transport does SIUE have?

  • Madison County Transit (MCT) buses, www.mct.org, connect SIUE with the surrounding communities and with Metrolink Rail to St. Louis.
  • Bus service between Cougar Village and the Main Campus is free. Fare to Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, and Collinsville is $1.00. Fare to the East St. Louis Metrolink Station is $1.25. Monthly bus passes are also available for regular shuttle.
  • See the current fare at www.mct.org
  • 16 Edwardsville Shuttle Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, Edwardsville Senior Center, SIUE campus, Edwardsville High School, Lutheran High School, Cottonwood Plaza, 159 Shopping Centers, Montclair Shopping Center, Edwardsville City Hall, Madison County Court.
  • 17 Cougar Shuttle SIUE Hairpin, Cougar Village, selected trips to: SIUE early childhood Center, Woodland Hall
  • 18 Collinsville MetroBus(Connects to Metrolink) SIUE, Glen Carbon, Cottonwood Plaza, Maryville Park & Ride Lot, Anderson Hospital, Collinsville, peak hour trips to downtown St. Louis, off-peak trips to 5 th & Missouri in East St. Louis.

Q. Where can we get more information about SIUE?

Q. Can I visit the SIUE campus?

Q. What happens next after my admission is final?

The steps that follow after you have been admitted into the department are as follows:

  • Send in a letter of confirmation
    Get the program planning form
  • Setup an appointment with the Advisement Office (Mr. Norris Manning) to get help with the pre registration of courses.
  • For assistantships complete the application form in the department.
  • For Internships contact Dr. Ramana Madupalli

Any questions, not previously mentioned, concerning the MMR program can be directed to the MMR Program Administrative Assistant.

MMR Program Administrative Assistant
Email: mmr@siue.edu

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