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Alumni Testimonials

" The Program provided me with real market research knowledge, experience in the market research industry, and a network of mentors and acquaintances in the industry. I believe the MMR Program took me in and smoothened out the rough edges. It also provided me with the resources I lacked."

Ken Aningo (MMR '11)
Corporate Marketing Analyst
FedEx Services
Collierville, TN

"The MMR Program was very challenging from start to finish, but was equally as enriching. The curriculum helped me to get a better grasp of important topics and concepts of marketing research; both qualitative and quantitative. The final project helped me to put what I have learned through the program to real world use and was very valuable in helping me to understand the great extent of work it takes to successfully complete a marketing research project."

Shae Williams (MMR '11)
Contract Administrator
DCMA Boeing
St. Louis, MO

"When I entered the MMR Program, I was solely entering with the intention of using the degree to differentiate myself from other job candidates. Needless to say, my expectations were completely blown out of the water. The mix of an academic foundation coupled with a strong practical application will not just differentiate me, but completely put me into a different category. Further, the life experiences, networks, and bonds that were established during my tenure in the program are immeasurable."

Michael Healy (MMR '11)
Project Manager
Gfk Kynetec
St. Louis, MO

"The master of marketing research program at SIUE develops your marketing research knowledge from the basic understanding of marketing research through advanced multi- variate statistical analysis. Furthermore, the skills you develop through your internship are invaluable. Finally, the program culminates with the project that takes what you have learned and gives you the confidence to know that it applies in a "real-world" setting."

Atticus Bailey Stobbs(MMR '09)
Sr. Research Analyst
Nielsen BASES
Chicago, IL

"The MMR program is hard work.The pay-off however is un measurable with the multitude of topics learned and the tools gained. I feel comfortable that I'm entering the industry. I'm prepared."

William Parker (MMR '09)
Data Processor
Survey Sampling International
Shelton, CT

"MMR program combines the academic rigor with industry exposure and that is lacking in the other prominent marketing research programs in the country. Among other courses, I found MKTG 550 is the best learning experience in the whole program which will bear fruits in years to come. I have learned how to deal with clients and to be critically examined by my peers.The evaluation from peers, instructor and the client makes a wholistic evaluation of the student."

Abu Hassan Nur(MMR '09)
Market Research Analyst
Bio Trends Research Group

"The MMR program has been one of the best opportunities I have encountered. I have learned so much in my internship experience and educational experience, and I am well-prepared to enter the marketing research industry. I am very fortunate to have had this wonderful experience."

Lauren Wallace (MMR '08)
Associate Manager
Consumer Insights
Wells' Diary
Le Mars, IA

"There is no single word that could describe my studies at SIUE. It is the unique experience and holistic approach to education that make this program so special and dear to my heart. The time and effort I invested in the MMR program paid off beyond my expectations. Two months before my graduation I already had a great job lined up and a strong network of Marketing Research professionals and academicians willing to help me grow further and become successful."

Anca Costea (MMR '08)
Project Director, Cogent Research

"The MMR program has been an amazing experience. It provided me with real world market research experience through my internship and class room knowledge through a suite of relevant courses. This opportunity is something I will cherish forever and will undoubtedly further my career."

Sarah Travis (MMR '08)
Research Analyst
Forward Research, Inc.
St. Louis, MO

"SIUE's MMR program exceeded my expectations in terms of providing both educational and real world experiences. I was constantly being challenged and being pushed beyond my limits in the classroom. My internship allowed me to see how marketing is applied in day to day business situations. I seriously could not have asked for a more fulfilling experience in preparing me to be a marketing research professional."

Jessica Truskowski (MMR '08)
Project Director
Maritz Research
St. Louis, MO

"The MMR program at SIUE has allowed me to develop the skills needed to succeed as a marketing research professional. I feel confident that I am prepared to make an immediate impact when entering the industry, because of the quality of education I have received from the program. I highly recommend the MMR program to anyone who desires to become a successful marketing research professional."

Nick Swanson (MMR '08)
Senior Analyst
Charolette, NC

"A well-established internship program provides students the opportunity to work with industry-leading partners while completing their formal education. The experience offers a street-level view of how Research fits into the real-world - the importance of sound study design and communication, and the challenges of weaving Research into the fabric of organizational decision-making. This is a win-win for students who have the opportunity to secure an internship - real-world experience with industry-leading partners who cover the students' tuition expenses and pay a monthly stipend."

Matt Senger (MMR '06)
Associate Manager, Client Consulting, BASES, The Nielsen Company
Covington, KY.

"The curriculum for the MMR program is demanding and is not to be taken lightly. It is designed to give the classroom the feel of a research company while giving the students the training and information that is needed to conduct research projects. The professionals that I have talked to are very impressed with the degree of difficulty that the program holds as well as the students that emerge from the program. This testimony is evident in the number of internships that the department holds for its students."

James Goodman (MMR '04)
Project Coordinator
Maritz Research
Oakbrook Terrace, IL

"My decision to attend the MMR program of SIUE led me 600 miles away from everything that I knew. It is because of the understanding and encouragement of the marketing faculty, the immediate sense of camaraderie from the other students in the MMR program, and the overwhelming helpfulness of the school of business staff, that I can say my experience at SIUE was an incredible one, leaving me with memories and experiences I will cherish always. As a graduate of the program, I carry with me the knowledge that I have been trained and educated by some of the best in the field and feel that an individual could not be more prepared for a career in marketing research."

Sara Green (MMR '04)
Panel Manager
U30 Group, Inc
Knoxville, TN

"......you will enjoy the luxury of having first-class professors who are as genuinely concerned about your academic progression as they are about your understanding of its practical application. You will also enjoy the convenience of having exceptional classmates available as resources, as well as to help motivate you to reach your full potential.The MMR program's faculty and course work intertwine to provide students with a concrete infrastructure upon which to build a fundamental understanding of the processes and techniques involved in Marketing Research. The program's curriculum is focused, deliberate, and most of all, challenging. Each class is a "link" in the chain-of-mastery. I am grateful to my professors, classmates, and especially the MMR Program for being instrumental in preparing me to achieve my aspirations in the field of Marketing Research."

LaNoir Washington (MMR '04)
Quantitative Analytics
Consumer Insights Associate
General Mills, Inc.
Minneapolis, MN

"Once you enter the corporate world, you will find that your superior training will give you a key edge over many of your peers - it will not take long before you are looked at as an expert that is consulted often by your professional peers. Because of the both the outstanding contacts established by the faculty, as well as Edwardsville's close proximity to excellent marketing research firms in St. Louis, the internship program provides a key stepping stone in your development as a researcher."

Chris Riegel (MMR '02)
Research Manager
Dynamic Logic
Chicago, IL

"The broad curriculum helps students understand the motivations and needs of client organizations and with heavy emphasis on project-based research and presentations, students are prepared for real world marketing research tasks.Plus, corporate-sponsored assistantships in nearby St. Louis expose students to some of the top marketing research firms in the US. The assistantships afford students the valuable opportunity to apply classroom knowledge in a practical setting as they learn. At the same time, it puts them in touch with other MMR graduates and accomplished colleagues who can help open doors and guide students toward a rewarding career in the marketing research industry."

Amy Buehler (MMR '01)
Senior Qualitative Research Analyst/Statistician
C&R Research Services, Inc.

"Armed with an MMR, I hit the ground running in my current position. Having an MMR gives me credibility when working with internal partners. I have a great sense of accomplishment with each group I partner with to produce the information and insights needed to make decisions about improving process and services for our customers. The MMR program is precisely what is needed for building the practical knowledge and skills to make a contribution as a research manager or director in both the "client side" and with a research agency."

Lori A. Najera (MMR '01)
Project Manager
Southern California Edison International
Rosemead, CA

"You do not begin the program with a class in multivariate data analysis, rather you gradually work your way to it, which each class sort of representing a chapter in the 'marketing research bible' - by the time you complete the program, you have a complete bible - and more importantly, a solid grasp of it. The professors in the program are top notch, with each one bringing their own expertise to the table. Your fellow classmates are also a great aspect of this program - as each comes from a diverse background and adds to the learning process. Alumni participation is also high, be it at social functions or speaker events, providing a great opportunity to network with those already in the field."

Patrick Cook (MMR '00)
Senior Planning & Research Officer
First Midwest Bank
Chicago, IL

"One common thread through every job is the importance my education has on my day to day work. I've learned to ask the right questions, approach concepts from the right angle, deliver the right information all to help make the best decisions for the business. The MMR program at SIUE gave me the experience I needed and the confidence I desired to begin development of a successful career. The core group of professors and the quality of the curriculum helped me gain traction quickly once I entered the work force."

Benjamin Jenkins (MMR '99)
Trade eMarketing Manager
HP Consumer Products
San Diego, CA

"If I were asked about the three great things about MMR, my answer would be that MMR is "a professional training program", "a promising career development program", and "a kind of leadership program" for marketing researchers and marketers."

Junhong Min (MMR '99)
Project Director
ACNielsen International Research
New York, NY

"..........rough academic research and theoretical reflection while acquiring some practical experience through internships and assistantships. I was operational from the first day I started my career and able to take on rapidly more responsibilities I would never had the chance to get otherwise. The MMR program is quite comprehensive and offers an excellent mix of classes to prepare students for different careers within the marketing research field. Small classes provide a fast-pace learning environment; students learn to work both independently and in teams and all faculty members work closely with students to provide the support they need."

Caroline Bergdolt (MMR '99)
Manager, Client Services
ACNielsen International Research

"...........invaluable aspect of the program is the corporate internship opportunities. I had the privilege to work as an intern in a Marketing Research firm as I was attending school. I think this is a truly unique opportunity and it gives students a chance to put the theories they learn to work. I was amazed how quickly I could apply my new knowledge and skills at work. This again speaks to the strength and focus of the curriculum. I would strongly recommend this program to anybody who wants to succeed in the world of marketing research, where art meets science."

Isil M. Clark (MMR '96)
Marketing Research Manager
WW Customer Satisfaction Program
Agilent Technologies
Santa Clara, CA

"The Master of Marketing Research (MMR) degree program at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville (SIUE) contains.............every element required to prepare students for a successful career in, related to, or involving marketing research. Those key elements include a competitive selection process, comprehensive curriculum, rigorous course work, dedicated staff, and, of course, a corporate sponsored internship program."

Richard H Schoener (MMR '96)
Director, Market Research
Hilti North America
Tulsa, OK

"The MMR program at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville … the next best thing to winning the lottery! Good training and hard work can't win you the lottery, but thanks to the MMR program at SIUE, I've got the next best thing - a job I like with a company I respect and enjoy. I am thoroughly satisfied in my career - and I owe much of it to the MMR program at SIUE."

Amy Koehler (MMR '95)
Research Manager
Retailer Channel

"Thanks to the MMR, I was able to pursue my education and advance knowledge of marketing th"The curriculum not only exposed me to analytical tools and data collection methodologies, but also, it prepared me to approach problem solving in a logical and productive manner. It gave me basic skills, experience and confidence to tackle any marketing research problem thrown my way. SIUE's MMR program provided a blend of academic theory and real world experience, gained through real projects with local businesses. The best thing for me about the MMR program was its internship program. My hope is that all students who have an interest in marketing would look into SIUE's MMR program."

Jeff Minier (MMR '95)
Co-President, Gfk Kynetec
St. Louis, MO

"The faculty delivers the content with an appropriate blend of academic discipline and real world application. After completing the MMR degree, students will be applying what they learned with competence and discipline. As a manager, the graduating classes from the MMR program are always a primary resource in searching for new candidates. As a student, it is reassuring to know that my post-graduate education has been highly relevant to my career."

Aaron Fransen (MMR '94)
Research Services
Financial Services Research
Maritz Research
St. Louis, MO

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