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MBA Program

You can have confidence that the leading-edge SIUE MBA curriculum was designed with you in mind. By developing the professional capabilities of managers working in business, the program courses will prepare you to analyze, interpret and use information for formulating, communicating and implementing managerial decisions in business organizations. Throughout our courses you will be challenged to consider the ethical management of resources in a global business environment. Our courses in quantitative analysis, decision making and negotiations will sharpen your ability to integrate knowledge from disciplinary-specific areas into models and solutions for complex business problems.

Required Courses (30 credit hours)

Detailed course descriptions can be found on the SIUE Registrar Web Site
  • MBA 521-Quantitative Analysis (required entry skills expected)
  • MBA 522-Decision Making in Organizations (Prerequisite MBA 521)
  • MBA 523-Negotiation & Interpersonal Skills for Managers (Prerequisite MBA 522)
  • ACCT 524-Accounting for MBAs 
  • MKTG 525-Marketing Analysis and Applications for Managerial Decision Making
  • CMIS 526-Information Systems and Technology
  • FIN 527-Corporate Finance (Prerequisite ACCT 524)
  • ECON 528-Managerial Economics (Prerequisite MBA 521)
  • PROD 529-Operations Management and Process Analysis (Prerequisite MBA 521 and MBA 522)
  • MBA 534-Strategic Management (Comprehensive examination requirement of a B grade or above. Prerequisite: MBA 521, MBA 522, MBA 523, ACCT 524, MKTG 525, CMIS 526, FIN 527, ECON 528, PROD 529.)*

*Exit Requirements. In addition to completing the course work, students must also satisfy a comprehensive examination requirement by earning a grade of B or above in MBA 534. Students who earn a grade below B will be given a second opportunity to complete the course in a satisfactory manner. Performance of individuals who fail to earn a B or above in the second attempt will be reviewed by two additional members of the School of Business Curriculum Committee who may recommend that the student be dropped from the program or, in rare instances, be permitted a third attempt to earn a grade of B or above under another instructor.

Good Standing. Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA in coursework leading to the MBA degree.

Elective Courses (12 credit hours)

The MBA program requires that students complete 12 hours of electives. Elective courses can be taken in any of the following departments:

  • accounting
  • economics and finance
  • management and marketing
  • and computer management and information systems

Electives may also be chosen from the courses offered by departments in other schools with the advance approval of the MBA program director. Such courses, however, must be related to the student's career objectives. No more than six hours of 400-level course work may be used as MBA electives.

A student may elect to write a thesis for not less than 3 and not more than 6 hours of credit. Thesis hours are counted as elective hours. The thesis must be defended before the candidate's advisory committee.

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