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Scholarships & Awards

One of the most important investments you can make is that of assisting in the education of others. This investment reaps rewards, not only for the student, but for the greater community by promoting the preparation of highly qualified individuals who will be able to address the challenges in society both today and in the future.

Your investment in our future leaders can come in the form of a scholarship or award. Scholarships make it possible for deserving students to receive a high quality education in the SIUE School of Business. Through scholarships, the School of Business can attract and retain both undergraduate and graduate students who seek an education to become a dedicated professional in their chosen career field.

The resources available through scholarships and awards must increase to enable the School to attract and retain high caliber students who are being offered scholarship support by other leading universities.

One of the main attractions in supporting scholarships or awards is that you have the opportunity to meet the student you are assisting. In turn, students enjoy meeting scholarship sponsors in order to express their appreciation to you in person and to keep you abreast of their progress. Many times, lasting business and professional relationships develop through the Scholarship Program.

There are two types of scholarships and awards at SIUE - endowed and annual.

Endowed - You can benefit a student directly by endowing a scholarship or award. Once established, the endowment remains in perpetuity to benefit future generations of students. This is a popular way to memorialize a loved one, or to pay tribute to a favorite professor. It is also an important way for you to assist a student so that they can concentrate fully on their education without having to worry about how to finance their education.

The minimum amount to endow a named scholarship or award is $15,000. This will provide approximately $750 in support to a student annually. Likewise, a $125,000 endowed fund will reap a full-tuition scholarship for one student. SIUE investment policies allow the endowed portion of the fund to grow in order for the scholarship to keep pace with tuition over time. In addition, you can add to the corpus of the fund at any time in order to increase the scholarship award amount.

Annual - By making an annual gift of $1,000 or more, you can create a named scholarship to assist a student in a certain area of study or in a specific department or program. Gifts of less than $1,000 can be added to the general scholarship fund in the School of Business to be used annually for the benefit of students.

Please contact the Office of Development in the School of Business for more information about how you can assist students through a scholarship or an award.

Or Download a Pledge/Gift Form to mail or feel free to contact us.

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