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Need for Private Support

While we are proud of our accomplishments, we will not rest on our laurels. Indeed, we continuously seek innovative ways to serve our students and our region.

Prompted by our desire to provide a world-class business education to our students we have developed strategies to significantly improve education in our school. We developed those strategies after listening carefully to the experiences of our alumni, by discussing business trends with business leaders, and by trying to understand the needs and aspirations of our students. Our bold plan will differentiate an SIUE business education from any other in the country by emphasizing skills that will lead to success. We will focus on seven cross-disciplinary skills that will be reinforced in the curriculum and in co-curricular activities that will enhance students’ classroom experiences. The skills include developing excellence in:

  • Written Communication
  • Formal Business Presentations
  • Analytical Reasoning
  • Group/Team Work
  • Professionalism, Personal Ethics and Honesty
  • Data/Information Acquisition
  • Global Environment Awareness

Our ability to deliver innovative programs and to prepare tomorrow’s leaders rests, in great part, in our ability to enhance our School’s infrastructure. We seek support to improve faculty skills, add distinguished faculty through endowed positions, and improve our learning spaces and information resources.

Top business schools around the globe compete for the best students and faculty. Likewise, the best students and faculty have become sophisticated consumers in searching for opportunities that provide them with outstanding learning environments. Private support is necessary to recruit the brightest students and faculty, provide the best learning environments that attract top talent, and offer the latest coursework that provides students with a competitive advantage when seeking employment.

In turbulent economic times, we cannot afford to just hope that our business students will become global leaders. We must provide our students with the best education possible so that, when they are ready for leadership positions, they will make good decisions based on sound values.

Through learning from the best faculty, developing skills based on real experience, and having the best learning environments we can help our students fulfill their potential to be business and community leaders.

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