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Current Working Papers

"McFreedom: How Women Can Have It Their Way: An Income-Leisure Choice Model" by Ariel R. Belasen

"How Rational Are Consumers? An Examination of Automobile Sales in Greater Saint Louis" by Ariel R. Belasen

"The impact of a personal property tax on automobile consumption" by Ariel R. Belasen

"IQ and Entrepreneurship: International Evidence" by R. W. Hafer and Garett Jones

"Economic Freedom and Financial Development" by R. W. Hafer

"Estimating State and Local Tax Exporting Between 1999 and 2008" by Gerald T. Prante and John C. Navin

"IMF Programs, Financial and Real Sector Performance, and the Asian Crisis"by Ali M. Kutan, Gulnur Muradoglu, and Brasukra G. Sudjana

"Is the stationarity of the yen real exchange rates a puzzle?" by Su Zhou and Ali M. Kutan

"Public Information Arrival and Investor Reaction During a Period of Institutional Change: An Episode of Early Years of a Newly Independent Central Bank" by Janusz Brzeszczynski and Ali M. Kutan

"Communication Matters: U.S. Monetary Policy and Commodity Price Volatility" by Bernd Hayo, Ali M. Kutan, and Matthias Neuenkirch (forthcoming: Economics Letters)

"Financial Market Reaction to Federal Reserve Communications: Does the Crisis Make a Difference?" by Bernd Hayo, Ali M. Kutan, and Matthias Neuenkirch

"Entrepreneurship and State Economic Growth" by R. W. Hafer

"IQ and the Economic Growth of U.S. States" by Garett Jones, R. W. Hafer, and Bradley K. Hobbs

"Estimates and Causes of Capital Flight from Central and East European Countries" by Josef C. Brada, Ali M. Kutan, and Goran Vukšić

"What Drives Crime? Evidence from Russia's Regions"by David Hauner, Ali M. Kutan, and Christy Spivey (forthcoming in: Applied Economics Letters)

"Can Inflation Targeting Regimes be Effective in Developing Countries? The Turkish Experience" by Cem Akyurek, Ali M. Kutan, and Hakan Yilmazkuday

"Federal Reserve Communications and Emerging Equity Markets" by Bernd Hayo, Ali M. Kutan, and Matthias Neuenkirch

"Is the evidence for PPP reliable? A sustainability examination of the stationarity of real exchange rates"by Su Zhou and Ali M. Kutan

"Implications of bank ownership for the credit channel of monetary policy transmission: Evidence from India" by Sumon Kumar Bhaumik, Vinh Dang, and Ali M. Kutan

"The Impact of U.S. Central Bank Communication on European and Pacific Equity Markets" by Bernd Hayo, Ali M. Kutan, and Matthias Neuenkirch

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