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12-0401: " IQ and Entrepreneurship: International Evidence" by R. W. Hafer and Garett Jones

12-0501: "Economic Freedom and Financial Development" by R. W. Hafer

12-0601: " Estimating State and Local Tax Exporting Between 1999 and 2008" by Gerald T. Prante and John C. Navin


11-0201: "IMF Programs, Financial and Real Sector Performance, and the Asian Crisis"by Ali M. Kutan, Gulnur Muradoglu, and Brasukra G. Sudjana

11-0202: "Is the stationarity of the yen real exchange rates a puzzle?" by Su Zhou and Ali M. Kutan

11-0203: "Public Information Arrival and Investor Reaction During a Period of Institutional Change: An Episode of Early Years of a Newly Independent Central Bank" by Janusz Brzeszczynski and Ali M. Kutan

11-0204: "Communication Matters: U.S. Monetary Policy and Commodity Price Volatility" by Bernd Hayo, Ali M. Kutan, and Matthias Neuenkirch (forthcoming: Economics Letters)

11-0205: "Financial Market Reaction to Federal Reserve Communications: Does the Crisis Make a Difference?" by Bernd Hayo, Ali M. Kutan, and Matthias Neuenkirch

11-0401: "Entrepreneurship and State Economic Growth" by R. W. Hafer

11-0501: " McFreedom: How Women Can Have It Their Way: An Income-Leisure Choice Model" by Ariel R. Belasen

11-0502: " When Oceans Attack: Using a Generalized Difference-in-Difference Technique to Assess the Impact of Hurricanes on Localized Taxable Sales" by Ariel R. Belasen and Chifeng Dai

11-0503: " Measuring the Impact of Development on Corruption Perceptions: A Comparative Study of Developed and Developing Countries" by Ariel R. Belasen and Kyle Peyton

11-0504: " How Rational Are Consumers? An Examination of Automobile Sales in Greater Saint Louis" by Ariel R. Belasen

11-0505: " The impact of a personal property tax on automobile consumption" by Ariel R. Belasen

11-0601: "IQ and the Economic Growth of U.S. States" by Garett Jones, R. W. Hafer, and Bradley K. Hobbs

11-0901: " Well-being and economic freedom: Evidence from the states" by Ariel R. Belasen and R.W. Hafer, forthcoming, Intelligence.

11-1201: " Further Examination of Inflation Targeting Policies in Developing Economies: A Regional Perspective" by Kelly Ayres, Ariel R. Belasen, and Ali M. Kutan


10-1201: "Estimates and Causes of Capital Flight from Central and East European Countries" by Josef C. Brada, Ali M. Kutan, and Goran Vukšić

10-1202: "What Drives Crime? Evidence from Russia's Regions"by David Hauner, Ali M. Kutan, and Christy Spivey (forthcoming in: Applied Economics Letters)

10-1203: "Can Inflation Targeting Regimes be Effective in Developing Countries? The Turkish Experience" by Cem Akyurek, Ali M. Kutan, and Hakan Yilmazkuday

10-1204: "Federal Reserve Communications and Emerging Equity Markets" by Bernd Hayo, Ali M. Kutan, and Matthias Neuenkirch

10-1205: "Is the evidence for PPP reliable? A sustainability examination of the stationarity of real exchange rates"by Su Zhou and Ali M. Kutan

10-1206: "Implications of bank ownership for the credit channel of monetary policy transmission: Evidence from India" by Sumon Kumar Bhaumik, Vinh Dang, and Ali M. Kutan

10-1207: "The Impact of U.S. Central Bank Communication on European and Pacific Equity Markets" by Bernd Hayo, Ali M. Kutan, and Matthias Neuenkirch


08-0201: "The Effect of Impact Fees on Residential Housing: A Survey, " by Rik Hafer.

08-0202: "The S-Curve in Emerging Markets," by Ali M. Kutan and Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooee, Published in Comparative Economic Studies, May, 2008.

08-0203: "Determinants of Corruption and the Growth-Corruption Link in Energy-Rich Economies," by Ali M. Kutan, Yelena Kalyuzhnova and Taner Yigit, forthcoming in Comparative Economic Studies.

08-0204: "Is PPP Sensitive to Time-Varying Trade Weights in Constructing Real Effective Exchange Rates?" by Ali M. Kutan, Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooee and Scott W. Hegerty, forthcoming The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance.

08-0205: "Institutional Ownership, Diversification, and Risk-taking in BHCs," by Jingyi (Jane) Jia and Saiying (Esther) Deng.

08-0206: "Institutional Ownership Stability and the Cost of Debt," by Jingyi (Jane) Jia, Elyas Elyasiani and Connie X. Mao.

08-0410: "How Stable is the Demand for Money in Emerging Economies?" by Ali M. Kutan and Sahar Bahmania, forthcoming in Applied Economics.

08-0701: "Communicating with many Tongues: The Impact of FOMC Members' Speeches on U.S. Financial Markets' Returns and Volatility," by Ali M. Kutan, Bernd Hayo, and Matthias Neuenkirch.


07-1001: "The Reaction of Asset Prices to Macroeconomic Announcements in New EU Markets: Evidence from Intraday Data," Ali M. Kutan, Jan Hanousek and Evžen Evzen, forthcoming in the Journal of Financial Stability.

7-0101: "The J-Curve in the Emerging Economies of Eastern Europe," Ali M. Kutan and Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooee, forthcoming in Applied Economics.

07-0102: "Does Corruption Hurt Economic Development?: Evidence from Middle Eastern, North African and Latin American Countries," By Ali M Kutan, Thomas J. Douglas and William Q. Judge, forthcoming in S. Sayan (ed), Economic Performance in the Middle East and North Africa: Institutions, Corruption and Reform, London: Routledge.

07-0103: "Foreign Direct Investment and Export Performance: Empirical Evidence," by Ali M Kutan and Goran Vukšic, published, Comparative Economic Studies, 49, September 2007, 430-445.

07-0104: "Purchasing Power Parity Before and After the Adoption of the Euro," by Ali M. Kutan, Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooee and Su Zhou, published in Review of World Economics / Weltwirt - schaft - liches Archive, April, 2008.

07-0701: "Entry into the Market for Online Distribution of Digital Content: Economic and Legal Ramifications," John B. Meisel.

07-0702: "Are Devaluations Contractionary in Emerging Economies of Eastern Europe? " Ali M. Kutan and Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooee, forthcoming Economic Change and Restructuring.

07-0703: "Sectoral Stock Returns, the IMF, and the Asian Crisis," by Ali M. Kutan and Gulnur Muradoglud.


06-1101: "Institutional Predictors of Corporate Governance Legitimacy," by Ali M. Kutan (with William Q. Judge and Thomas J. Douglas), forthcoming in Journal of Management

06-1102: "Enlargement of the European Union and Behavior of Real Exchange Rates" by Ali M. Kutan and Su Zhou,Review of Development Economics, Volume 2, pages 550-561, August 2008.

06-1103: "Black and Official Market Exchange Rates and Purchasing Power Parity: More Evidence from Non-Linear STAR Tests," by Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooeea, Ali M. Kutan and Su Zhou.

06-1104: "Fiscal convergence and discipline in monetary unions: Are pilgrims to EMU better disciplined than EU15?", by Ali Kutan with Evžen Kocenda and Taner M. Yigit.

06-0601: "Testing PPP in the non-linear STAR framework," by Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooee, Ali M. Kutan and Su Zhou, Economics Letters, Volume 94, Issue 1, January 2007, Pages 104-110.

06-0801: "Socio-Political Determinants of Bank Spreads and Deposit Growth: The Case of Bolivia," by Ali Kutan and and Jose Cespedes.

06-0802: "IMF-Related Announcements and Stock Market Returns: Evidence from Financial and Non-Financial Sectors in Indonesia, Korea, and Thailand," by Ayse Y. Evrensel and Ali M. Kutan, Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, Volume 15, Issue 1, January 2007, Pages 80-104

06-0803: "Creditor moral hazard in stock markets: Empirical evidence from Indonesia and Korea," by Ayse Y. Evrensel and Ali M. Kutan; Published in the Journal of International Money and Finance, June 2006.

06-0804: "A Century of PPP: Supportive Results from non-Linear Unit Root Tests," by Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooee, Ali M. Kutan and Su Zhou, Economics Bulletin, 2007, Vol. 6, No. 31 pp. 1-9.

06-0901: "Do Real Exchange Rates Follow a Non-Linear Mean Reverting Process in Developing Countries?" by Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooee, Ali M.Kutan and Su Zhou, Southern Economic Journal, Volume 74, Issue 4 (April 2008), pp. 1049-62.u.

06-0902: "Can Inflation Targeting Regimes be Effective in Emerging Economies?: The Turkish Experience" by Cem Akyurek and Ali M. Kutan.


05-0101: "The Effects of Transition and Political Instability On Foreign Direct Investment Inflows: Central Europe and the Balkans," by Ali M. Kutan, (with Josef C. Brada and Taner M. Yigit), Economics of Transition, Volume 14, Issue 4, 2006.

05-0201: "Determinants of Returns and Volatility of Chinese ADRs at NYSE," by Ali M. Kutan and Haigang Zhou; Published in Journal of Multinational Financial Management, February 2006.

05-0202: "Real and nominal stochastic convergence: Are the new EU members ready to join the Euro zone?" by Ali M. Kutan and Taner M. Yigit; Published in Journal of Comparative Economics, June 2005.

"Dynamic IS Curves With and Without Money: An International Comparison," by R.W. Hafer and Garett Jones.

05-0302: "Are Multinationals Afraid of Social Violence in Emerging Markets? Evidence from the Indonesian Provinces," by Ayse Y. Evrensel and Ali M. Kutan, forthcoming in Journal of Economic Studies.

05-0303: "Pilgrims to Eurozone: How Far, How Fast?" by Evžen Kocenda, Ali M. Kutan and Taner M. Yigit (forthcoming in Economic Systems, December 2006).

05-0401: "From Clones to Packets: The Development of Competition in Local Communications," by Stanford L. Levin (with Willie Grieve).

05-0801: "European Integration, Foreign Direct Investment and Growth," by Teodora Borota and Ali M. Kutan.


04-0201: "Does Herding Behavior Exist in Chinese Stock Market?" by Riza Demirer and Ali M. Kutan, Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, April 2006.

04-0301: "Does the Rising Tide of Riverboat Casinos Lift All Boats, or Leave Some Communities in its Wake?" by John C. Navin and Timothy S. Sullivan; forthcoming in Economic Development Quarterly.

04-0302: "IMF-Related Announcements, Fundamentals, and Creditor Moral Hazard: A Case Study of Indonesia" by Ali M. Kutan and Ayse Y. Evrensel, forthcoming in Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money .

04-0303: "Creditor Moral Hazard in Equity Markets: A Theoretical Framework and Evidence from Indonesia and Korea" by Ali M. Kutan (with Ayse Y. Evrensel).

04-0304: "Testing Creditor Moral Hazard in Sovereign Bond Markets: A Unified Theoretical Approach and Empirical Evidence" by Ali M. Kutan (with Ayse Y. Evrensel).

04-0305: "European Integration, Productivity Growth and Real Convergence" by Ali M. Kutan (with Taner Yigit), forthcoming in "European Economic Review."

04-0306: "Financial Sector Returns and Creditor Moral Hazard: Evidence from Indonesia, Korea, and Thailand" by Ali M. Kutan (with Ayse Y. Evrensel).

04-0401: "Volatile Interest Rates, Volatile Crime Rates: A new argument for interest-rate smoothing," by Garett Jones and Ali M. Kutan.

04-0901: "Teaching College Economics in a High-School Setting: Lessons Learned Moving the College Experience to a High-School Setting," by John C. Navin and Timothy S. Sullivan (with Kathryn Martell); Published as "Teaching College Economics in a High School Setting: Lessons Learned and Implementation Strategies," International Review of Economics Education, Volume 5, Issue 1, 2006.

04-1101: "Teaching Pareto Optimaltiy in a Supply and Demand Framework: An Active Learning Exercise," by Warren D. Richards and Timothy S. Sullivan.

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