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Meet with an Advisor

Advisement is required

University policy requires each student meet with an academic advisor each semester before registering for the upcoming semester. When students meet with an advisor, they will review their academic program requirements and discuss progress toward their degrees as well as select courses for the next semester. It is strongly recommended that students maintain current information regarding the program they are pursuing as well as keep copies of any kind of advisement materials they receive from an advisor.

Where to go!

Please use the chart below to determine the appropriate location for advisement.

Undergraduate Students Location
Accountancy, CMIS, Business Administration, Economics and Finance and Pre-Business Students, Business Administration Minors

Business Student Services Founders Hall Room 3301

Graduate Major Location
Accountancy Accounting Department, Founders Hall Room 2117
Business Administration Business Student Services Founders Hall Room 3301
Computer Management and Information Systems Business Student Services Founders Hall Room 3301
Economics and Finance Economics and Finance Department Alumni Hall Room 3129
Marketing Research Business Student Services Founders Hall Room 3301

The information below applies to the students advised in the Business Student Services Office. Students advised by faculty should contact the appropriate department.

Advisor Availability (Business Student Services)

In order to provide maximum service to our business students, advisors will be available as follows:

Restricted availability-week 2 to end of week 11 of fall and spring semester advisors will be meeting only with declared undergraduate business majors, pre-business students, undergraduate students applying to the School of Business for the upcoming term and admitted graduate students.

Open availability-all other weeks of the year. Advisors will be available to anyone seeking information about admission to the School of Business and about academic programs available.

Appointments (Business Student Services)

You are encouraged to make an appointment to meet with an advisor. Appointments are available for up to a month in advance and you may make an appointment by calling 618-650-3840 or by coming by the office in Founders Hall, room 3301. If you have never met with an advisor in the School of Business or have issues that might take additional time, you are encouraged to make an appointment to see an advisor.

Drop-in Times (Business Student Services)

If you are advised in Business Student Services, you may also drop-in to see an advisor. The drop-in times are:

Monday: 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
Tuesday: 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Names are taken only 1/2 hour prior to the beginning of the drop-in period. Students are seen in the order that they appear on that list. If a student is not present when their name is called, we will move to the next student and continue down the list. Students who were not present when their name was called will be added to the bottom of the list when they return. We make every effort to assist any students who come to drop-in, but when the number of students on the drop-in list exceeds reasonable numbers, we will stop taking names until all students on the list have met with an advisor. (When two advisors are out on the same day for whatever reason, drop-in will be canceled and appointments created for that time period.)

If you come to drop-in, please be aware that we tend to work quickly with each student in order to see all students on the list during the drop-in period. If you have follow-up questions or want to have more in-depth discussion/planning with an advisor, you are encouraged to make a follow-up appointment to see an advisor or come to drop-in after the busy time have passed.

Phone-in Appointments (Business Student Services)

You may also request to set up a half-hour phone-in appointment to speak with an advisor. Approval for phone-in appointments must be made by the student's academic advisor.  Being prepared and calling on time is crucial for phone-in appointments.

E-Mail (Business Student Services)

Advisors regularly respond to e-mail. If you have a question or need some general information, you may use this method to communicate with an advisor.

Telephone Calls (Business Student Services)

Generally advisors are not interrupted if they are meeting with other students or on the phone. If you call expecting to speak immediately with an advisor, it may be necessary to leave a message. We attempt to return all phone calls in a relatively prompt fashion, as time and resources permit.

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