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Biography - Dr. Duff Wrobbel


Duff Wrobbel is not a bad sort. A bazillion years ago, he graduated from Miami of Ohio with a BA in Communication & Theater and got a job selling computer supplies to defense contractors in Southern California. When that got old, he tried a whole bunch of other things, then decided to go back to school. He earned an MA from San Diego State University. For his thesis, he did a rhetorical criticism of Nixon's Checkers speech. Really. Then, off to Austin to earn a Ph.D. from the University of Texas, where he trained as a conversation analyst. No one really knows what that is. He came to SIUE in 1993 and has been here ever since. Shortly after arriving, he had the good fortune and good sense to meet and marry Tammy, and they now have a son, Parker, and a daughter, Holly. Both are very nearly perfect, in spite of their paternal genes.

Duff teaches across most of the speech communication curriculum, does lots of busy work around the department and across campus and, when he can, writes about pedagogy, Down syndrome, conversation-analytic methodology, and other esoteric stuff. He lives in the middle of the woods and, while at home, likes to cook and work wood whenever he can. He got his first Ford truck in 1984 and had four more after that. The last one was really big and had nice seats. Sadly, the cost of gas finally got the best of him and he now drives a Scion Xb, which looks for all the world like a motorized toaster. Ah well.

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