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Pre-Law Program



Pre-Law Association meetings will begin in the Fall! All are welcome at the first meeting!!!   Hope you plan to be active in this year's Pre-Law Association.  Contact Taylor King President for questions at taylkin@siue.edu.
Welcome to our other new officers for 2016-2017:
Vice President:  Breann Speraneo
Secretary:  Travis Wente
Treasurer: Kayleigh Brummett
Public Relations Coordinator: 
Be sure to consider being an active Pre-Law member during 2016-2017!!!
1.  The SIUE Law School Fair is scheduled for Wednesday March 23, 2016, from 10:30 - 12:30 at the MUC Goshen Lounge!  SIU Carbondale; Saint Louis University; University of MIssouri; University of Missouri - Kansas City; and tentatively will be here with their Admissions Reps!  Plan to stop by and chat with them!
2.  Chelsea Kasten, J.D., will be on campus on Wednesday March 23, 2016, at 5:00 to talk about law school in general (she is a graduate of SIU Carbondale), and her area of practice, PATENT LAW!!  Please come to gain insight about law schools and this area of practice.  THIS WILL BE IN THE MUC BOARD ROOM!!
3. Cara Tegel, J.D., Assistant Madison County State's Attorney, will be here ON THURSDAY FEBRUARY 25 AT 5:00 P.M.!!! She is a grad of the SIUE Criminal Justice program!  THIS PRESENTATION WILL BE IN THE MUC WABASH ROOM!

Look for upcoming events!

Look for upcoming events!

Please note that you can join the Pre Law Association listserve at http://Pre-Law-Association@lists.siue.edu!!!!! Do so to get notice of important upcoming events!!!

Welcome to the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville's Pre-Law Program website. Currently, SIUE does not have a Pre-Law major BUT we happy to announce that we now have an Interdisciplinary Pre-Law minor! Please be aware that there is no one major that is best suited for the study of law. Instead, you should consider identifying classes that speak to a certain skill set, such as critical thinking, logic, analytical skills, writing, and communication. This could include classes in Philosophy, Political Science, Math, Speech, Physics, Biology, Sociology and Criminal Justice Studies, History, and English to name only a few possible departments. These will be critical skills for you to develop for a potential legal career.

Please join us as a friend on facebook at the SIUE Pre-Law Program Group

However, SIUE is committed to providing information and assistance to students who are considering whether a legal career may be a good fit for them, or who have already decided to pursue this professional degree after graduation. To accomplish this, SIUE has established two areas of contact for students, College of Arts & Sciences Undergraduate Advising, and the Pre-Law Mentor.

Pre-Law Advising

Any student interested in Pre-Law in general, or the Interdisciplinary Pre-Law Minor specifically, should go to the College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) Undergraduate Advising office. CAS Undergraduate Advising has professional academic advisors working with the 19 academic departments within the College of Arts & Sciences. The academic advisors will be able to help you determine the appropriate classes to take to prepare for law school, and will connect you with campus resources related to Pre-Law.

Contact one of the following academic advisors for more information:

Advisor Danette Griffith Brian Hinterscher
Email dagriff@siue.edu bhinter@siue.edu
Phone (618) 650‑5525 (618) 650‑5525
Office 1315 Peck Hall 1315 Peck Hall

Pre-Law Mentor & Pre-Law Interdisciplinary Minor Coordinator

In addition, Ann Dirks-Linhorst, J.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor in Sociology and Criminal Justice Studies, is the contact person to whom you will be referred when you register through the Law School Admission Council process (LSAC). She is happy to discuss whether law school may be right for you, or which law school may provide the best fit, answer questions about the law school application process and/or the LSAT preparation and testing process, offer reviews of personal statements as you move through the law school application process, discuss your options once you receive your LSAT results, or to just talk about the law school experience, the practice of law, or the wide range of legal careers. I keep law school brochures in the Pre-Law cabinet directly outside my office door at 1211 Peck Hall. Feel free to stop by and browse through brochures from a number of schools around the country. There also are informational brochures available from the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) in the Pre-Law cabinet, free for the taking!

NEW STARTING FALL 2012! THE PRE-LAW INTERDISCIPLINARY MINOR! In addition, I'll be happy to talk with you about course selection in the Pre-Law Interdisciplinary Minor, effective Fall 2012! See the Pre-Law Minor icon on the left side of this page for specific classes!

Reach Dr. Dirks-Linhorst by:

Email pdirksl@siue.edu
Telephone (618) 650‑5694
Office 1211 Peck Hall

What is the LSAC?

You will also find helpful information about the entire law school process through the Law School Admission Council ( LSAC). You must register with the LSAC to begin the law school admission process, as they coordinate the LSAT, and provide the Credential Assembly Service which collects your applications, letters of recommendation, transcripts, and any other required information, and then provides it to each law school to which you apply.

When is the next LSAT (or Law School Admission Test) testing date?

February 6, 2016

June 6, 2016

September 24, 2016

December 3, 2016

Register early!!!

There will also be LSAT test dates in February and June 2017!

Visit LSAC for additional testing information. The cost for the 2014-2015 LSAT is $170. Check the LSAC website for information about a possible fee waiver - you'll find an application if you qualify. Please note that you may also want to pay $165 to subscribe to the Credential Assembly Service (CAS) which will collate your law school applications for each school you designate.

What law schools are close to SIUE?

Several law schools are in or close to the Metropolitan St. Louis area. Links to their websites are provided below:

Southern Illinois University Carbondale School of Law www.law.siu.edu
University of Illinois www.law.illinois.edu
Saint Louis University www.law.slu.edu
Washington University www.wustl.edu

View information about all law schools in Illinois.

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