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Philosophy Colloquia


Spring 2016 Colloquium Series

All of the Friday talks will be from 1:30 to 3:30PM. Rooms will be announced closer to date.

Fri - 22 Jan 2016

Susan Townzen, Claremont Graduate University

Maya Philosophy of Time


Fri - 26 Feb 2016

Patrick Connolly, Iowa State University

Early Modern Philosophy


Sat - 27 Feb 2016

Elanor Taylor, Iowa State University

Metaphysics, Mind, Phil. Sci., Metaphysics of Gender


Fri - 08 Apr 2016

Jason Gardener, WUSTL / SIUE 

Mental Illness and the Concept of Health


Fri - 22 Apr 2016

Saba Fatima, SIUE

What it means to be an American? : American Ignorance and Reconciliation with the Past


Fall 2015

Dr. Matthew Cashen, SIUE, “External Goods in Aristotle’s *Politics*.” (9/11/2015)

Richard Spencer, Dean of Liberal Arts at SWIC, "Durkheim and Rationality" (10/23/2015)

Dr. Kristen Irwin. Loyola University Chicago "Leibniz on the Grounds for Religious Toleration." (11/6/20150

Spring 2015

Dr. Greg Littman, SIUE, presents "Self-Referential Dilemmas Defy Standard Solutions to Paradoxes of Self-Reference" (2/13/2015)

Dr. Marcus Hedahl, US Naval Academy, presents "Collective Agent / Collective Cat: How the Capacity for Moral Agency is a Feature of Collective Actions rather than Collective Actors” (3/27/2015)

Dr. James Mattingly, Georgetown University, presents “Humean Natural Philosophy” (4/17/2015)

Fall 2014

Dr. Alyson Spurgas, presents "Posttraumatic Stress, Dissociative, and Sexual Desire Disorders in the DSM-5: Separating Sexuality from Relationality" (10/3/2014)

Dr. Chris Pearson presents "Reductionism, Multiple Realizability, and the Problem of Kind Individuation in Developmental Biology" (10/31/14)

Dr. Skip Larkin presents "Holding Safety Paramount" (11/14/14)

Dr. Travis Rieder, Hecht-Levi Fellow at the Berman Institute of Bioethics at Johns Hopkins University, presents: "It's Time to Have 'The Talk': The Case for Combating Climate Disruption through Population Reduction" (12/5/14) 

Spring 2014

Dr. Carl Craver presents "Graphing the Brain’s Dark Energy – Network analysis and Cortical Systems” (4/25/2014)

Fall 2013

Dr. Josh Heter presents “Epistemic Possibility and Practical Reasoning” (9/20/2013)

Dr. William Rehg presents “Does Science Serve the Common Good?” (11/15/2013)

Dr. William Larkin presents "A Decentralized Land Ethic" (11/22/2013)

Spring 2013

Ezio Vailati presents "Information That Might Not Have Been Obtained" (3/29/2013)

Elizabeth Victor (4/5/2013)

Alison Reiheld presents "Holding Fast and Letting Go: The Ethics of Remembering and Letting Go" (4/19/2013)

Fall 2012

Elizabeth Victor presents "Scientific Research & Civil Rights" (9/7/2012)

Ezio Vailati presents "Nazi Narratives in Leni Riefenstahl's 'Olympia'" (10/12/2012)

Dr. Charlie Kurth (Washington University in St. Louis) presents "Better Assurance-Based Account of Promises" (11/30/2012)

For more information, please contact the Philosophy Department.

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