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How do I start?

Read this website and general information about the Suzuki Method. Read Nurtured by Love by Shinichi Suzuki. Observe Suzuki Group Lessons. Then fill out the registration form and pay the registration fee, and call the Suzuki Office to set up a time with your teacher.

How do I know if my child is ready? The Suzuki Method starts from the premise that any child can learn to play a musical instrument. Because children show a natural curiosity about music and musical instruments, the appropriate question for parents may not be “Is my child ready?” but “Am I ready?”

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If parents can commit to regular attendance at lessons and classes, if they can set aside regular daily listening and practice time, if they enjoy spending time with their children, if they take delight in their children’s smallest accomplishments, if they can deal calmly with the backward steps as well as the steps forward, they are probably ready to consider Talent Education for their children. And if parents are ready, then their children will usually be ready too.

What Time are the Lessons? Individual or private lessons are scheduled with the teacher and parent at a time convenient for both. Group lessons are on Saturday mornings at 10:15. Group lessons are included in tuition and cannot be separated from private lessons.

How much do lessons cost?

What is the Suzuki Method?

What’s the difference between a graduate assistant and a faculty member? Faculty Members have master’s degrees and teaching experience. They have specifically studied the Suzuki Method with distinguished teachers, many with Vera McCoy-Sulentic or John Kendall. Graduate students are studying Suzuki Pedagogy with Vera McCoy-Sulentic and are working to earn their master’s degrees at SIUE.

Why should we go to group lessons? Read the ABCs of a Group Experience. There are so many good reasons to attend group lessons, we can’t list them all here! Come on Saturday to observe and see for yourself.

What is the Suzuki Workshop in March? A workshop can be similar to group classes, in that there are lots of kids, some you probably know from your program, and the techniques are at your child’s level. Since workshops combine many different programs, and charge tuition, they have guest teachers that come from all over the U.S., sometimes the world, to teach. So your child has the great experience of different teachers, you can observe classes, talk to parents, and see interesting performances. Usually workshops are at least a day long or several days.

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