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[IMAGE: marcus agustin] Marcus AGUSTIN
Professor, Ph.D.: Bowling Green State University, 1997

office: VC 1020
phone: (618) 650-3681
email: magusti@siue.edu
URL: http://www.siue.edu/~magusti/

Research interest: statistics, reliability and survival analysis

[IMAGE: Dr. Zenia Agustin] Ma. Zenia N. AGUSTIN
Professor, Ph.D.: Bowling Green State University, 1997

office: VC 1007
phone: (618) 650-2357
email: zagusti@siue.edu
URL: http://www.siue.edu/~zagusti/

Research interest: statistics

[IMAGE: Dr. Andy Bartlett] Andy BARTLETT
Assistant professor, Ph.D.: University of Georgia, 2013

office: VC 1029
phone: (618) 650-5070
email: anbartl@siue.edu

Research interest: Statistics

[IMAGE: S.F. Chew] Song Foh CHEW
Associate professor, Ph.D.: Purdue University, Indiana, 2005

office: VC 1024
phone: (618) 650-3016
email: schew@siue.edu

Research interest: Operations Research, particularly, the study of deadlock avoidance and robust supervisory control of resource allocation systems

[IMAGE: Dr. Daeshik Choi] Daeshik CHOI
Assistant professor, Ph.D.: University of Washington, 2013

office: VC 1031
phone: (618) 650-2353 
email: dchoi@siue.edu

Research interest: Numerical linear algebra and Matrix theory

[IMAGE: Letitia Downen] Letitia DOWNEN
Instructor, M.S.: Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, 2006

office: VC 1025
phone: (618) 650-2517
email: ldownen@siue.edu

web: www.siue.edu/~ldownen/

[IMAGE: Dr. Cheryl Eames] Cheryl EAMES
Assistant Professor, Ph.D.: Illinois State University, 2014

office: VC 1028
phone: (618) 650-5228
email:  ceames at siue dot edu

Research interest: mathematics education

[IMAGE: Krzysztof Jarosz] Krzysztof JAROSZ
Distinguished Research Professor, Ph.D.: Warsaw University, Poland, 1982

office: VC 1034
phone: (618) 650-2354
email: kjarosz@siue.edu
URL: http://www.siue.edu/~kjarosz/

Research interest: functional analysis & analytic functions; primarily small deformations of analytic and metric structures on Banach spaces and algebras, geometry of Banach spaces.

[IMAGE: Barbara Kniepkamp] Barbara J. KNIEPKAMP
Instructor, M.S.: Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

office: VC 1003
phone: (618) 650-2983
email: bkniepk@siue.edu

[IMAGE: U. Ledzewicz] Urszula LEDZEWICZ
Distinguished Research Professor, Ph.D.: Lodz University, Poland, 1984

office: VC 1018
phone: (618) 650-2361
email: uledzew@siue.edu
URL: http://www.siue.edu/~uledzew/

Research interest: My general areas of expertise are optimal control, optimization, mathematical biology, and applied analysis. Student Advising & Teaching: Under my current NSF grant I am working on optimal control problems for mathematical models of various cancer treatments and I am welcoming students to join me on this interdisciplinary research in biomathematics. I could also provide other topics for applications of optimal control in science and engineering. Optimal control, although a branch of mathematics, has various engineering applications which makes for employment opportunities in industry.

[IMAGE: K.H. Leem] Koung Hee LEEM
Professor, Ph.D.: University of Iowa, 2003

office: VC 1009
phone: (618) 650-2366
email: kleem at siue dot edu
URL: http://www.siue.edu/~kleem/

Research interest: Numerical analysis and scientific computing

[IMAGE: Y. May] Yukiko MAY
Instructor, MS.: Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, 1993

office: VC 1002
phone: (618) 650-2193
email: ymay@siue.edu

[IMAGE: ray mcdaniel] Raymond MCDANIEL
Instructor, MA.: University of Texas at Austin, 1985

office: VC 1030
phone: (618) 650-2156
email: rmcdani@siue.edu

[IMAGE: Andrew A. Neath] Andrew A. NEATH
Professor, Ph.D.: University of California at Davis, 1994

office: VC 1019
phone: (618) 650-3590
email: aneath@siue.edu

Research interest: statistics

Assistant Professor, Ph.D.: Bowling Green State University, 2013

office: VC 1004
phone: (618) 650-2349
email: jpailde at siue.edu

URL:  http://www.siue.edu/~jpailde/

Research interest: Statistics

[IMAGE: James Parish] James L. PARISH
Associate professor, Ph.D.: University of Chicago, 1985

office: VC 1021
phone: (618) 650-2352
email: jparish@siue.edu

Research interest: algebra, geometry, and the interface between them

Professor, Ph.D.: University of Delaware, 1997

office: VC 1040
phone: (618) 650-2342
email: gpeleka at siue.edu

Research interest: Inverse scattering

[IMAGE: Ed Sewell] Edward C. SEWELL
Distinguished Research Professor & assistant chair, Ph.D.: Cornell University, 1990

office: VC 1033
phone: (618) 650-3262
email: esewell@siue.edu

Research interest: operations research

[IMAGE: M.S. Song] Myung-Sin SONG
Associate professor, Ph.D.: University of Iowa, 2005

office: VC 1015
phone: (618) 650-2580
email: msong@siue.edu
URL: http://www.siue.edu/~msong

Research interest: functional and harmonic analysis of wavelets

[IMAGE: Stacey Staples] G. Stacey STAPLES
Associate professor, Ph.D.: Southern Illinois University Carbondale, 2004

office: VC 1017
phone: (618) 650-2364
email: sstaple@siue.edu
URL: www.siue.edu/~sstaple/

Research interest: Operator calculus on graphs, algebraic probability, algebraic combinatorics, symbolic computation, combinatorial properties and applications of Clifford algebras

[IMAGE: katiestuart] Katie (Kathryn) STUART
Instructor, M.S.: Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, 2005

office: VC 1032
phone: (618) 650-2235
email: kstuart@siue.edu

[IMAGE: ] Cynthia TRAUB
Assistant professor, Ph.D.: Washington University, St. Louis, 2006

office: VC 1005
phone: (618) 650-2356
email: cytraub@siue.edu

Research interest: combinatorics, discrete geometry, and topology

[IMAGE: Tammy Voepel] Tammy VOEPEL
Associate professor, Ph.D.: University of Missouri-Columbia, 1997

office: VC 1023
phone: (618) 650-2343
email: tvoepel@siue.edu

Research interest: mathematics education

Associate professor and chair, Ph.D.: Indiana University, 2006

office: VC 1026
phone: (618) 650-2220
email: aweyhau@siue.edu
URL: www.siue.edu/~aweyhau/

Research interest: interaction between differential geometry and topology; particularly, the study of minimal surfaces




[IMAGE: musenbrock]

Office Support Specialist

office: VC 1011
phone: (618) 650-2385
email: amusenb@siue.edu

Emeritus Faculty

[IMAGE: Marilyn Hasty] Marilyn HASTY
Associate professor emerita, Ph.D.: SIU Carbondale, 1986

email: mhasty@siue.edu

[IMAGE: Dr. Chungwu Ho] Chungwu HO
Professor emeritus, Ph.D.

website: https://sites.google.com/site/chungwuho/
Professor emeritus, Ph.D.
President emeritus, Ph.D.
[IMAGE: Chunqing Lu] Chunqing LU
Professor emeritus, Ph.D.: State University of New York at Buffalo, 1986

office: VC 1022
email: clu@siue.edu

[IMAGE: Dr. Paul Phillips] Paul H. PHILLIPS
Professor emeritus, Ph.D.

email: pphilli@siue.edu

[IMAGE: S. Rigdon] Steven E. RIGDON
Distinguished Research Professor emeritus, Ph.D.: University of Missouri-Columbia, 1985

email: srigdon@siue.edu
URL: www.siue.edu/~srigdon/

Professor emerita, Ph.D.
Howell K. WILSON
Professor emeritus, Ph.D.


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