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Senior Assignment

As they approach graduation it is expected that baccalaureate students in Chemistry will:

  • manifest an understanding of those fundamental chemical principles and practices suggested by the American Chemical Society Committee on Professional Training.

  • demonstrate the applicability of chemical principles and practices in the study and understanding of other fields while recognizing the unifying aspects of knowledge regardless of fields.

  • be prepared for graduate study in chemistry and/or related professional fields.

  • be able to compete successfully for entry-level employment in chemistry or related areas.

  • be able to communicate orally and in writing about the impact of chemistry in society, historical advances in chemistry, and ethical issues in chemistry.

The senior assignment is a student's opportunity to demonstrate to faculty, fellow students, and others that the student has achieved these goals. Students are required to present either a poster (with a 10-15 minute oral presentation and defense) or a 20-30 minute Power Point seminar.

  • Students are encouraged to present results from their own research experiences. Students who have not taken advantage of the opportunity to do research with a faculty member will present a "library project" based on the chemical literature.

  • All topics are approved by the course instructor and/or the Student Standards and Assessment Committee.

  • All students are expected to do library work and gather and evaluate the information obtained.

  • All departmental faculty are responsible for evaluating the resulting projects.

CHEM 499 (Senior Assignment) for zero hours credit is required for graduation.

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