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About Biotechnology Laboratory Incubator (BL)

Key to Campus

1. Rendleman Hall (RH)
2. Founders Hall (FH)
3. Alumni Hall (AH)
4. Peck Hall (PH)
5. Lovejoy Library (LB)
6. Dunham Hall (DH)
7. Science Building (SL)
8. Morris University Center (MUC)
9. Art and Design Building (AD)
10. Religious Center (RC)
11. Metcalf Student Experimental Theater (ST)
12. Student Fitness Center (SC)
13. Vadalabene Center (VC)
14. Early Childhood Center (ECC)
15. Cougar Village Commons (CC)
16. Supporting Services (SS) / University Police (UPOL)
17. Woodland Residence Hall (WR)
18. Prairie Residence Hall (PR)
19. Engineering Building (EB)
20. B. Barnard Birger Hall (BH)
21. Bluff Residence Hall (BR)
22. Museum Operations (MO)
23. 200 University Park (U2)
24. 100 North Research Dr.
25. 95 North Research Dr.
26. University Park Administration (U1)
27. School of Pharmacy Lab (PL)
28. National Corn-to-Ethanol Research Center (NC)
29. Ralph Korte Stadium (KS)
30. Environmental Resources Training Center (ERTC)
31. Technology and Management Center (TC)
32. Stratton Quadrangle (SQ)
33. Evergreen Residence Hall (ER)
34. 47 North Research Dr.
35. 110 North Research Dr.
36. Biotechnology Laboratory Incubator (BL)
37. SIU School of Dental Medicine Implant Clinic (IC)
38. Library Storage Facility (LS)
39. Swimming Pool (SW)
40. Heating & Refrigeration Plant (HR)
41. Outdoor Recreational Sports Complex (OR)
42. University Housing/Fraternity (FR)
43. Counseling Center (CS)
44. SIUE Credit Union (CU)
45. Shaw Sky Lab (SH)

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