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Faculty & Staff

Lawrence Norcio

Department of Chemistry
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
College of Arts and Sciences
SL 0333 (Office)
Edwardsville, Illinois 62026-1652.
Tel: (618) 650-3558 (Office)
Fax: (618) 650-3556
E-mail: lnorcio@siue.edu


  • Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, 1999, West Virginia University

  • M.S. Chemical Engineering, 1995, Ohio University

  • B.S. Chemical Engineering, 1990, University of the Philippines

Research Interest:

  • Biochemical Engineering

  • Fermentation Technology

  • Mammalian Cell Cultivation

  • Protein Purification

Teaching Interest:

Dr. Norcio teaches Introductory Chemistry (Chem 113); General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry courses (Chem 120a, 120b, and 120N) designed for nursing students; Basic Biochemistry course (Chem 351) for students pursuing careers in medical technology; and Biochemistry II (Chem 451B) for biology majors planning careers in medicine, dentistry, or other allied health professions.

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