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Textiles Undergraduate Students

Intro to Textiles

[IMAGE: Tapestry]

[IMAGE: indigo shibori]
Indigo shibori

[IMAGE: image003_2]
Ed Pfeifer
Untitled screenprint
12" x 15"
[IMAGE: papermaking project]


[IMAGE: Cary Matesa - Untitled]
Cary Matesa
Blockweave & brocade
30" x 84"
[IMAGE: Gary Olds - Undulating Indigo]
Gary Olds
Undulating Indigo
Indigo ikat
28" x 60"
[IMAGE: Gary Olds - Northern Sunset]
Gary Olds
Northern Sunset
Warp painting
18" x 60"
[IMAGE: Heather Rosine]
Heather Rosine
Warp painted brocade,
computer designed
[IMAGE: Scarf Detail]
Detail of Scarf
Warp painted,
computer designed
[IMAGE: Shibori Indigo]
Shibori indigo resist,
computer designed

Surface Design

[IMAGE: Resist Dyeing]
Resist dyeing/
Nori paste resist

[IMAGE: Erin Fagan - Self Portrait]
Erin Fagan
Self Portrait, 2002
Cotton & rayon stitching
on dyed/pierced silk
10" x 12"
[IMAGE: Sarah Jane Green - Watchful]
Sarah Jane Green
Cotton & silk organza,
indigo shibori, screen
print, 60" x 72"
[IMAGE: Annie Maria Omatsu - Untitled]
Annie Marie Omatsu
12" x 12"
[IMAGE: Quilt]
Discharged and
applique quilt
[IMAGE: Detail]

Papermaking and Book Arts

[IMAGE: Kelly Carson - Altered Book]
Kelly Carson
Altered book
[IMAGE: Bob Monroe - Altered Book]
Bob Monroe
Altered book
[IMAGE: Andrew Chalamorkodt - Transfer Book]
Andrew Chalamorkodt
Transfer book
[IMAGE: Brenda Elfgen]
Brenda Elfgen
Handmade paper, 2000
6" x 12" x 2"
[IMAGE: David Burnes-Smith]
David Burnes-Smith
Handmade paper/book
8" x 12"
[IMAGE: Bruce Burton]
Bruce Burton
Plastic tags, collage
8' x 6'
[IMAGE: Book Arts 1] [IMAGE: Book Arts 2] [IMAGE: Book Arts 3]
[IMAGE: Book Arts 4] [IMAGE: Book Arts 5] [IMAGE: Book Arts 6]

Sculptural Fiber Forms

[IMAGE: Shawnta Ray - Untitled]
Shawnta Ray
30" x 15" x 10"
[IMAGE: Maralina Feeny - Untitled]
Maralina Feeny
[IMAGE: Sculptural Fiber]

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