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Audrey Wyrick

"Who am I? A lifetime of doing what they're supposed to do, of putting the needs and wishes of others before self, gives a particular urgency and poignancy to the question. Who am I? No easy question precisely because for so long women have mystified themselves and others as they sought to comply with socially prescribed roles, sought to obey external mandates about who they are, how they should act, what they should feel."

Woman of a Certain Age (Rubin)

My work is a self portrait. It utilizes the idea of a simultaneous assertion and denial of the self in relation to and distinct from the environment. In portraits of myself I show a relationship between the physical and the psychological and the absorption of my ego. The form representing the body becomes fragmented, emerging and decaying into an uncertain and changing state. I feel that the discussion of disappearing into the supposed sanctuary of the home or environment and the fragile identity that we as individuals have, creates tension and strength in my work. The thoughts I am depicting involve trying to keep from being absorbed by my surroundings and retaining a fragile identity.

[IMAGE: Audrey Wyrick - Dissolved]

Dissolved, 2005
Jacquard, satin weave, 100% cotton
51 1/2" X 49"
[IMAGE: Audrey Wyrick - Cinderella Dress]

Cinderella Dress: Why Did the Shoe Fit?, 2005
Laminated tissue paper, paper, thread, acrylic

[IMAGE: Audrey Wyrick - Ten Commandments for the Homemaker]

Ten Commandments for the Homemaker, 2005
Laminated tissue paper, thread, ink, oil paint
60" x 96"

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