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Textiles Graduate Students

Erin Cork

Found textiles and objects help to illustrate a memory; these items had a previous life being possessed by someone. Each piece is rich with information and memory found in the elements that show human interaction with the textile. These textiles are familiar, but perhaps far removed from your personal daily life; alluding to a time past, a story forgotten that is waiting to be told.

Through these textiles I am interested in exploring methods of telling the memories that they hold. Each of us keeps memorabilia as a memory trigger; to help us remember certain events or people we keep items to help bring up memories of those particular times. These keepsakes often remain tucked away out of our daily view; in a box or a trunk, on the closet shelf or in the attic. We keep these times because there is ever a need to hang onto our times past. If we do not hold on to this possession so connected to our memory then we might forget and perhaps it would be as if the memory never happened. There is an emotionally charged fear connected to the forgetting of these memories, which helps us to remain in our habit of collecting items to keep our memories for us. Through my work I am interested in bringing memory from it's hiding place out into the day to day realm; exposing the ephemeral memory devices to expose the memory that they contain.


[IMAGE: Erin Cork - On the Living Room Floor]

On the Living Room Floor We Played War, 2005
Found textiles, found objects, hand-felted wool, hand and machine stitching
[IMAGE: Erin Cork - Three Meals]

Three Meals, 2005
Japanese paper, found objects, naturally died silk, digitally printed photographs

[IMAGE: Erin Cork - 18 Celebrations]

18 Celebrations, 2006
Found table cloth, hand-felted wool, hand and machine stitching

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