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Rosemary Barnes

Like a distance runner in a race who uses his time to clear his mind, I allow my thoughts to relax as I work in the studio. I measure out the yarn, tie up the loom, and begin to weave. Weaving takes time, patience, and care. The final result is one of lasting quality and character. I will not fashion two weavings exactly alike. To do so would be to defeat the intent of my work.

After my grandmother's death, I realized that not everyone treasures old or worn-out things, even if they are still usable, or perhaps family heirlooms, as I do.

My desire to create handmade, quality, functional, colorful pieces stems from wanting to make pieces that friends and family could use, but also pass down as a remembrance. My name means remembrance, so perhaps this is why I feel compelled to create such lasting work. But remembrance keeps someone alive, especially to subsequent generations. Creating an item is a tangible way of knowing that I will be remembered, and my weaving will hopefully turn into a family heirloom. The weaving becomes a link between the past and the future, going back to the way things were and sending itself forward.

My pieces are well thought out, both in weave structure, and in color and material choice of warp and weft. Because color is important to me, I often choose striking complements. I also prefer to weave with wool or cotton. However, my work is not as much about the specific meaning in each individual color, pattern, count, and fiber. I prefer to see the entire piece as a whole, instead of a subdivision of meanings.

I am also working on a quilt, one that is made from dyed, printed, and recycled fabrics. This quilt, hopefully one of many, will be carefully made and subsequently treasured. Using recycled fabrics is one way I can contribute to helping the environment. It is of utmost importance for me as an artist, and as a human being, to create new materials from old.

By designing each piece individually, I ensure that it will be a one of a kind work, not something that is mass-produced and one of thousands of others.

[IMAGE: Rosemary Barnes]

86" x 14"
[IMAGE: Rosemary Barnes - Sunrise]

116" x 13.5"
[IMAGE: Rosemary Barnes - Sunset]

Wool & cotton
117" x 19"

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