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College of Arts & Sciences
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Dean's Office


From the left: Isaac Blankson; Craig Steiner; Cindy Scarsdale; Al Romero; Bill Retzlaff; Wendy Shaw; Larry LaFond; Grant Andree; Gary Hicks; Dee Dee Klein; James Schram; Sandy Holt; Pam Read; Tina Federer

"To facilitate and provide leadership in advancing the College and its culture; and to promote the CAS Desired Characteristics and Capabilities of Graduates." That's what the Dean's Office team has agreed upon as our mission. We're here to help students, staff and faculty. You'll find us on the third floor of Peck Hall in suite 3409.

Division of duties within the Dean's Office

Grant Andree , Assistant Director - Development and Arts and Issues
Phone: 618.650.2626
E-mail: gandree@siue.edu

Isaac Blankson, Assistant to the Dean for Diversity and Internationalization
Phone: 618.650.3090
E-mail: iblanks@siue.edu

Tina Federer , Peck Hall Copy Center Operator III
Phone: 618.650.2478
E-mail: tfedere@siue.edu

Larry LaFond, Associate Dean for Student Development and General Education
Phone: 618.650.5058
E-mail: llafond@siue.edu

Gary Hicks, Assistant to the Dean for Communication
Phone: 618.650.2230
E-mail: ghicks@siue.edu

Sandy Holt , Assistant to James Schram
Phone: 618.650.5056
E-mail: sholt@siue.edu

Dee Dee Klein, Secretary
Phone: 618.650.5058
E-mail: doklein@siue.edu

Pam Read, Dean's Secretary
Phone: 618.650.5047
E-mail: pread@siue.edu

Bill Retzlaff, Associate Dean for Research and Projects
Phone: 618.650.2728
E-mail: wretzla@siue.edu

Al Romero, Dean
Phone: 618.650.5047
E-mail: aromero@siue.edu

Cindy Scarsdale, Special Events Coordinator
Phone: 618.650.5049
E-mail: cscarsd@siue.edu

James Schram , Business Manager
Phone: 618.650.5057
E-mail: jschram@siue.edu

Renee Seganfredo , Secretary (not pictured)
Phone: 618.650.5067
Email: rseganf@siue.edu

Wendy Shaw , Associate Dean for Academic Programs and Faculty Development
Phone: 618.650.5067
Email: wshaw@siue.edu

Craig Steiner, Director of Development
Phone: 618.650.5048
E-mail: crstein@siue.edu

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