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Richard Oller - '76 BS Environmental Systems Tech

President & CEO - Oller Engineering, Inc.

Richard Oller is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Oller Engineering, Inc., a civil/environmental consulting engineering firm based in Lubbock, Texas. Oller is responsible for the overall direction of OEI by being involved in the design process and operations of various municipal water and wastewater systems.

richard ollerThrough OEI, Oller has been very active in water resources development throughout Texas especially in West Texas and The Panhandle region. He has designed two Arsenic units used in the removal of Arsenic from municipal water supplies. He has also designed and completed approximately 20 wastewater treatment facilities throughout Texas. Oller is a registered engineer in Texas, a Registered Environment Professional, and a Certified Public Manager, (CPM). He is also an active instructor with Texas Water Utilities Association.

Oller is a lifetime member of the SIUE Alumni Association and a member of the inaugural class of the SIUE Alumni Association.

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