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Dr. Samuel Lynch – 1985 DMD

Dr. Lynch is Founder, President, Chief Executive Officer and Director of BioMimetic Therapeutics, a publicly traded biotechnology company. After earning his D.M.D., Dr. Lynch continued his education at Harvard University, earning a Doctorate of Medical Sciences (D.M.Sc.) and Specialty Certification in Periodontology. Dr. Lynch served on the faculty of Harvard and later on the faculty of Stony Brook University. While at Harvard, Dr. Lynch also served as Executive Director of R&D at the Institute of Molecular Biology. Subsequently he worked at Luitpold Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of Sankyo Pharmaceuticals as Vice President, responsible for a division focused on bone and tissue regeneration. In 1999, Dr. Lynch founded BioMimetic Therapeutics, which specializes in the development of products to promote the healing of musculoskeletal injuries and diseases involving bone, cartilage, tendons and ligaments. He is a co-inventor of BioMimetic’s technologies, and has more than 150 U.S. and foreign patents for his work.

In this era of complex regulatory environments, Dr. Lynch is one of only a handful of scientists and doctors internationally to have made a breakthrough discovery and overseen its entire development process through all phases of FDA approval and commercialization. He has over 100 publications, has lectured extensively worldwide, and has earned numerous research grants from the National Institute of Health. Dr. Lynch is also a board member of the American Red Cross and together with his wife is the co-founder of BioTN, a not for profit foundation whose mission is to promote science education and career preparation for underprivileged youth and adults. Dr. Lynch is a member of the 2011 SIUE Alumni Hall of Fame.

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