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Board of Directors Committees

There are six standing committees managed by the Board of Directors:

  • Alumni Engagement - Chaired by Christine Jackson
The Alumni Engagement Committee oversees activities for the Alumni Association and the Office of Alumni Affairs. The committee will review strategic decisions concerning social activities, community service opportunities and continuing education programs for alumni and assist in the development of communication pieces which better engage alumni on a generational/affinity basis. They maintain the responsibility for developing a strategic schedule of events designed to get SIUE Alumni involved with each other and their alma mater. They develop alumni services which could include, but are not be limited to, career services, lifelong learning opportunities and greater access to the university facilities like the library and fitness center.

Meetings are held on Thursdays at 6pm (place TBD) on the following dates: Aug. 29, Sept. 26, Oct. 24, Nov. 21 and Dec. 19.

  • Awards & Scholarships - Chaired by Stephanie Renken
The Awards Committee oversees the annual awards presented by the Alumni Association: The Great Teacher Award; the Legacy Scholarship program; and the Alumni Hall of Fame. The awards committee reviews applications, scores nominees and selects the winners of the Great Teacher Award and the Legacy Scholarship program. The committee also makes recommendations during the planning phase of the annual Alumni Hall of Fame program and serves on selection committees for the individual College and Schools of SIUE. The committee presents recommendations and votes during the quarterly board meetings to be voted on by the full board of directors. It leads the fundraising efforts initiated by the Board and works with the staff of the Office of Alumni Affairs to identify potential donors, communicate to members of the board the expectation that they too must be donors and to develop and maintain contact with previous scholarship recipients to steward these individuals with the intent of sharing their stories and, hopefully, successfully encouraging them to repay the generosity which enabled them to attend SIUE.

  • Mentoring - Chaired by Kevin Nesselhauf
The Mentoring committee oversees the development of mentoring services. The committee oversees the recruiting, training, and stewarding of a "pool" of alumni mentors and works to create a "pool" of mentees (i.e., students) who would like to be assisted by one of our alumni mentors. They help identify internal opportunities for our mentors (speaker's bureau) to provide lectures, career advisement, organizational advisement, and provide for large group speaker series and work with external affinity groups and corporations to develop professional affiliations with the intent of securing internships, co-op placements, and job placements for SIUE students and alumni. They are also charged with performing follow-up and evaluation of the mentoring process.

Meetings are held from 5:30-7:30pm on the third Wednesday of the month in the Birger Hall Special Events room on SIUE's main campus. Dates: Sept. 18 and Oct. 16.

  • Advocacy - Chaired by Bev George
The Advocacy committee provides the mechanism and support necessary to keep a channel of communication open between the University and its alumni. It works to ensure alumni have a voice in the university's operation and future in a myriad of ways, including the recruitment of alumni to serve on advisory boards and other university committees and interaction with the deans & program chairs to ensure internal support for such efforts. They promote the University to external stakeholders, our alumni, the community and potential student, in essence serving as an advocate for the university itself in the support of enrollment management, SIUE athletic teams and - in conjunction with the University lobbyist - with the State legislature.
  • Finance - Chaired by Jeremy Plank
  • Bylaws - Chaired by Veronica Armouti
  • Executive - Chaired by the SJ Morrison and comprised of the President, the President Elect, Vice President, Vice President of Finance and the Immediate Past President, with the Secretary serving ex-officio and without vote.

Interested in Participating on a Committee?

All alumni are welcome to serve as non-voting members of the Advocacy, Mentoring and Engagement committees. If you are interested in applying to serve on a committee, please contact us at 618-650-2760.

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