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1. Where is Birger Hall and what are the Alumni Office hours?

Birger Hall is across from the Vadalabene Center. Click here for a map of the campus. The Alumni Office is on the first floor of Birger Hall in the Ralph and Donna Korte Alumni Wing. The office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30am-5pm.

2. What benefits are available through the Alumni Association?

As of February 1, 2013, we have discontinued dues-paying memberships and are moving to an all-inclusive, free Basic membership for all SIUE graduates. Non-dues paying members may view their benefits here; previous annual members with a current expiration date and premium (formerly called lifetime) members will still remain eligible for their original benefits for the life of their membership and may view that list here.

If you would like to add your business as an additional benefit, complete an application.

3. I am a current dues-paying member of the Alumni Association; what does the new non-dues membership structure mean for my membership?

We are very excited about this new non-dues paying membership structure, which is a better fit with our belief that we are all Cougars. However, we also understand that there may be some questions or concerns during this time of transition.

Current annual members will receive all Basic membership benefits and all Premium membership benefits and pricing through the expiration date on their membership card. After that date, they will automatically be transitioned to the free, Basic membership.

Lifetime installment members will have the option of continuing to pay off the remaining balance on installment plans until July 1, 2020 to achieve Premium membership status. If unpaid after July 1, 2020, they will automatically be transitioned to the free, Basic membership.

Lifetime members are now called Premium Members and will be eligible for Premium membership benefits and pricing and any other additional benefits the Alumni Association decides to offer these valued supporters of our organization.

We welcome any additional thoughts or comments you may have regarding the new membership structure by contacting Director Steve Jankowski at 618-650-2346.

4. How do I continue receiving membership benefits during this transition period?

We are actually in the process of redesigning our membership cards and hope to have them mailed by end of May/early June for Premium Members and the end of June for all Basic members. Therefore, please be sure that our records are up-to-date and make any updates using your CougarTracks account or this online update form.

Until then, you may still utilize any of our on campus services and benefits by contacting our office at 618-650-2760 between 8:30am-5pm Monday through Friday so that we may verify your membership with the campus service in question.

Your online benefits using coupon codes will work exactly as before; the list of coupon codes came with your original membership packet and membership card. If you need another copy of these codes, or just want the code for a specific service, please contact our office. The list of our benefits partners is available on our website here.

Local retailers should accept the expired copy of your old membership card until our new ones are sent.

Thank you for your patience as we transition to this newer and more inclusive membership model.

5. I am a graduate of SIUC; do my benefits carry over?

Since the schools have two separate Alumni Associations that work on different budgets, the benefits are unable to carry over from school to school.

6. Where does my alumni hangtag allow me to park?

Alumni may park free in the designated parking spaces of the Birger Hall lot. If coming to campus between 8:00am and 5:00pm Monday through Friday, please stop at our alumni desk for a day pass. All other times, no day pass is required. Alumni who join the Fitness Center can purchase a brown Fitness Center hang tag for $50 by visiting the Student Fitness Center. If you return to SIUE as a student or are an SIUE employee, you must purchase a university hangtag.

7. Is it possible to receive the Alestle?

Yes, you can sign up to receive the Alestle twice a week via e-mail. Simply visit the website at and fill out the form to receive the paper.

8. How can I contact a former classmate?

The easiest way to contact a former classmate is to check our online community CougarTracks. Due to privacy laws and other security issues, the SIUE Alumni Association office does not give out any personal information. However, if we have an updated address for the Alumnus/a, we can either forward your note or write a brief contact letter on your behalf; submit this form to rEconnect with lost friends.

9. Can I get a permanent e-mail address?

At this time permanent e-mail addresses are not available for alumni. Your SIUE e-mail account will be disabled 180 days after graduation. Once your account is disabled, you will no longer have access to that account. Any messages sent to that address will be returned to the sender as "undeliverable."

10. Does my Alumni Association membership allow me to use the computer labs?

No. Currently the University only has enough computers to accommodate students.

11. How do I get a copy of my transcripts?

To obtain an official copy of your transcripts, please contact the Registrar's Office at (618) 650-2080. You must submit a written transcript request in letter form including your name, any other name you may have used as a student, student id number (usually your social security number), to whom the transcript should be sent along with the address, number of copies needed, your address, your approximate dates of attendance, your phone number and signature-request cannot be processed without your signature. Transcripts are $5 and should be mailed to the Bursar's office, or you may take them to the Bursar's office on the first floor of Rendleman.

Click here to request a transcript. Transcripts will take three to five working days to be processed.

You can always view your unofficial transcript by logging on to CougarNet. See question 11 for information on accessing CougarNet once your e-id expires.

12. How do I access CougarNet once my e-id expires?

No matter when you graduated, you will always have access to CougarNet using your University ID, commonly known as your "800" number. If you have forgotten your UID, please contact the Student Services center at 618-650-2080 to obtain it. Otherwise, follow these steps to login to CougarNet with your UID:
  • Go to CougarNet. Select "Enter CougarNet with your University ID".
  • Enter your University ID/800 number in the User ID box. Hit "Forgot PIN?"
  • Enter the answer to your security question, than choose "Submit Answer". Your PIN should now be reset and you will be able to login using that information.

13. How do I request a replacement/additional copy of my diploma?

Contact your Graduation advisor at 618-650-2263 (Christine Wasson) or 618-650-2282 (Melanye Merrill).

Do you still need help? Contact our office at 618-650-2760 or e-mail us at Student Affair's "Where to Go" page is also an excellent resource.

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