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Placement Testing

Who should take placement tests?
Students entering the University arrive with varying levels of competence in reading, writing and math. It is important that all students entering the University begin taking courses at a level that is conducive to their continued success. ACT scores and coursework completed through regionally accredited colleges and universities are considered for placement at SIUE. If you have not achieved the minimum ACT sub-scores or completed appropriate coursework required to be exempt from testing, you need to take SIUE's placement examination before registering.

How are testing needs determined?
Placement into certain English courses is determined by your ACT Sub-scores in Reading and Writing. Please follow the chart below to determine your course. If you wish to be place into a higher course you will be required to take a placement test. The higher score will be used to determine final placement.


Course Eligibility


Test Score


AD 090 - Basic Writing I

< 18

< 80

AD 092 - Basic Writing II

19 - 20

> 81 - 90

English 101

> 21

> 91


AD 080

0 - 13

0 - 60

AD 082

14 - 17

61 - 80

AD 116

18 - 20

81 - 87


> 21

> 88

In addition, enrollment in math courses is restricted to students with appropriate preparation. While math is not required for all degree programs, students interested in biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering, mathematics, medical technology, physics, pre-medicine, pre-dentistry, pre-veterinary medicine, or pre-pharmacy are advised to plan accordingly for math enrollment. If you believe your ACT sub-score is not an accurate reflection of your competence in math, you may elect to complete, before you enroll, SIUE's placement exam for more appropriate placement.

The chemistry readiness examination is required if you plan to major in one of the above programs (except mathematics) unless you have taken a college general chemistry course equivalent to CHEM 121A at SIUE or scored a 23 or above on the math portion of the ACT test.

I know my math sub-score; what math course am I eligible for?
Placement into math courses is based on your ACT math sub-score. Please refer to the chart below to determine the math course into which you will be placed. Placement testing will allow us to place you into the highest level math course you are eligible for based on your placement exam score.


Math Course Eligibility


Test Score


AD 070 - Beginning Algebra

0 - 20

0 - 45

AD 095 - Intermediate Algebra

21 - 22

46 - 65

Math 120 - College Algebra

23 - 25

66 - 100 - Algebra Test
0 - 45 College Algebra Test

Math 125 - Pre-Calculus

26 - 27

46 - 100 College Algebra Test
0 - 45 Trigonometry Test

Math 150 - Calculus I

28 - 36

46 - 100 Trigonometry Test

I have transfer credit; what math course am I eligible for?
If you have received credit for math courses that have been accepted as equivalent to SIUE's AD 095 or higher, for placement purposes these courses will be acknowledged as if you have completed them at SIUE. (Note: a grade of C or higher will be required). You may review your accepted transfer courses on your transcript in CougarNet.

If you did not complete AD 095 or higher and you plan to enroll in math courses at SIUE, you should plan to take SIUE's placement exam before registering to ensure appropriate placement.

I have taken the ACT more than once; which scores will be used for placement?
SIUE will acknowledge for placement purposes the highest sub-score on file.

What if I do not take my placement tests?
Students who do not take placement tests are placed in the course for which they qualify based on ACT sub-scores or coursework. Since academic development courses do not count as credit toward graduation, this can hinder a student's progress toward graduation.

How do I register for a placement test?
Students can register for a placement test by visiting the Testing Services website.

What if I have questions regarding placement tests?
ontact the Office of Admissions at (800) 447‑SIUE or Testing Services at (618) 650‑2295.

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