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Michigan Test of English Language Proficiency (MTELP)

International students seeking undergraduate admission to SIUE must take the Michigan Test of English Language Proficiency if they do not have a sufficient TOEFL score. This test consists of three parts: grammar, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. All test questions are multiple choice. The test is given by appointment. To register for this test, call Testing Services at 650-2295.

Part 1: Grammar

The first part of this test has 40 multiple choice questions to answer. This test will show how well you recognize and use English grammatical structures. Each question in this test is part of a conversation. In each conversation a word (or group of words) is left out. Following the conversation are four choices of words that might be used in the incomplete conversation. You are to select the word (or group of words) that would be used by a speaker of English and that would best fit into the conversation.

Sample Question

"What is that thing?"

"That _____________ a spider."

a) to call

b) for calling

c) be called

d) is called

The correct English sentence is: "That is called a spider."

Part 2: Vocabulary

The second part of the Michigan Test of English Language Proficiency has 40 questions. It includes two types of items. The first type of question will give you a sentence followed by four words or phrases. You will find the word that most closely matches the meaning of the underlined word or phrase.

Sample Question

It's too windy to go for a stroll.

a) swim

b) sail

c) drive

d) walk

The word "walk" means about the same thing as "stroll" in this sentence. The sentence "It's too windy to go for a walk," means the same thing as "It's too windy to go for a stroll." Therefore, the answer is "d".

The other type of question will give you a sentence with a missing word and a list of four words that might finish the sentence. You will identify the word that best finishes the sentence.

Sample Question

Because of the storm and rough waves, it would be foolish to go out sailing today in a small ___________.

a) automobile

b) house

c) boat

d) beast

The word "boat" fits best in the sentence so that it reads, "Because of the storm and rough waves, it would be foolish to go out sailing in a small boat." Therefore, the answer is "c".

Part 3: Reading Comprehension

The third part of this test has 20 questions. This test will show how well you read English. You will read several passages, each followed by some questions about the passage. After carefully reading the passage, you will try to answer the questions. If you don't know the answer at first, you can read the passage again, but do not spend too much time on the passage or you will not have enough time to finish.

Sample Question

While I was getting ready to go to town one morning last week, my wife handed me a little piece of red cloth and asked if I would have time during the day to buy her two yards of cloth like that. I told her I would be glad to do it. And putting the piece of cloth into my pocket, I took the train for town.

The person telling the story is...

a) a married lady

b) an unmarried lady

c) a married man

d) an unmarried man

You know that the person telling the story is a married man because he says, "... my wife handed me..." Therefore, the answer is "c".

When was the author given a piece of red cloth?

a) In the morning

b) At noon

c) In the afternoon

d) In the evening

The passage says, "... one morning last week, my wife handed me a little piece of red cloth..." So the answer is "a, In the morning." Therefore, the answer is "a".

More Sample Questions and Answer Sheet

A raw score of 66 and an adjusted score of 81 are required for admission to Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.

Examinees who do not meet these score requirements may take the test again. However, they must wait a minimum of 6 weeks between tests and may take the test a maximum of 4 times in any consecutive 12-month period.

Examinees who have taken the test four times may not take their next test until a year and a day from their fourth most recent test. For example, examinees who took the test in July 2016, September 2016, November 2016, and January 2017 must wait until a year and a day past their July 2016 test date to retake the test.

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