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Join an SIUE Organization

All students are invited to join the Student Organization for Sustainability (SOS).

The purpose of SOS is to promote awareness of environmental issues ranging from the local to the global scale and to take actions that might alleviate unsustainable activities.

Goals of SOS:

  • Promote sustainability awareness
  • Organize activities
  • Educate and instruct the campus and greater community about what can be done to solve environmental problems
  • Promote the sustainability of natural resources through appropriate means that affect and/or are affected by the campus, surrounding community, and global community.

If you are interested in learning more about SOS, contact or check out their social media sites! SOS Facebook, SOS Twitter, SOS Blog.

Ten tips for being green on-campus

  • Turn off lights and turn down the thermostat
  • Replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs
  • Enable sleep settings on monitors/computers and turn off copiers, computers, printers, fax machines, etc. when not in use
  • Turn off water when washing hands, brushing teeth and washing dishes
  • Walk, bike or use public transportation to get to campus, and beyond
  • Choose campus dining facilities that are "green"
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle
  • Buy EnergyStar electronics and appliances
  • Purchase environmentally friendly products - recycled content paper, nontoxic cleaning supplies, local food, etc.
  • Educate yourself and others about your ecological footprint

100 more ways to go green


The bikeshare program is looking for volunteers, for more information contact Kevin Adkins at

Volunteer at The Gardens

The Gardens' volunteer program provides a variety of great opportunities to become directly involved here at SIUE. Visit The Gardens Web Site for more information.

For more volunteer opportunities at SIUE please visit Volunteer Service at the Kimmel Leadership Web Site.

Start A Green Team

A Green Team is a group of people who come together to produce positive change.

A Green Team may be organized around creating an innovative solution to a sustainability-related challenge. A Green Team may organize around a shared desire to examine some aspect of sustainability as it relates to their practices at SIUE and beyond. A Green Team can have two members or a dozen members and can be comprised of any combination of staff members, faculty, and students.

As you browse the pages of this website, you'll recognize that Green Teams already exist at SIUE, though they haven't been referred to as such. A Green Team of students has vowed to reduce the use of disposable plastic water bottles. A Green Team of faculty is exploring how to incorporate sustainability into the curriculum.

Achieving sustainability is a collaborative effort. Making your "team" official and starting new Green Teams enables campus citizens to take advantage of the resources the Sustainability Officer can provide. A wealth of information exists pertaining to a wide array of challenges. You can build off the experience and expertise of other universities and other groups on campus. You might be able to join forces with another team working toward similar goals.

The goal of registering Green Teams is to increase the effectiveness of individual group efforts and to build a sustainability-committed community. The Sustainability Officer exists to support and celebrate your successes across the SIUE campus.

Please let us know if you are already part of a Green Team or are interested in starting a Green Team now.

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