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Study Abroad Planning
Registration Policies and Procedures

It is important to understand how your program type will affect your registration at SIUE, billing and financial aid. There are 4 basic categories through which SIUE degree seeking students may incorporate education abroad experience into an SIUE degree program.

  1. SIUE-Approved Affiliate Programs
  2. SIUE Direct Placement Programs
  3. SIUE Student Exchange Programs
  4. SIUE Faculty-Led Short-Term Programs

1 & 2: SIUE-Approved Affiliate and Direct Placement Programs

Registration for:

  • Approved Affiliate Programs (select CEA, AIFS and Globalinks programs)

  • Direct Placement Programs (Salzburg College, Heidelberg University, Swansea University and John Cabot University)

  1. Student completes and submits all SIUE requirements for study abroad approval by the specified application deadline. The application process includes identification of a sufficient number of proposed study abroad courses (plus alternate courses) at the host institution. Student is responsible for obtaining signatures of approval on the SIUE Study Abroad Course Equivalence Form from the appropriate SIUE academic department(s). In most cases this is handled by the department chair or faculty member appointed by the chair to approve study abroad courses. See current list of appointed Study Abroad course approvers. This form, with all courses approved, is returned to the Study Abroad Office.

  2. Concurrently, the student initiates an application with the host institution/program.  This is a separate application from that done for SIUE. Both are necessary.
  3. Student must provide Study Abroad Advisor with verification of acceptance by host institution/program. This can be a copy of the official letter of acceptance or forwarded email notification from the host institution/program.

  4. After completion of steps #1 through #3, Office of International Affairs will authorize SIUE Registrar's Office to register the student for semester abroad in appropriate number of anticipated hours of SAB 200, 300 or 400.

  5. Upon arrival at study abroad host institution, students should register only in courses abroad that were pre-approved on the "SIUE Study Abroad Course Proposal/ Equivalence Form." Taking study abroad courses not pre-approved for SIUE credit will require students to seek approval for SIUE credit AFTER returning to SIUE. In this case, it will be the student's responsibility to coordinate evaluation of equivalency with relevant department and complete a revised "SIUE Study Abroad Course Proposal/Equivalence Form" upon return to SIUE.

  6. Student should contact Study Abroad Advisor via email with a confirmation of course enrollment at the study abroad institution as soon as registration is finalized. This detailed email should include course codes, course titles and contact hours.

  7. Upon receipt of the necessary enrollment abroad details, the Study Abroad Advisor will update SIUE student registration for the semester abroad to include SIUE approved course credit as well as the actual host site course name.

  8. Host transcript will be reviewed and compared with course approval form(s) in SIUE's Office of International Affairs. Grades for approved study abroad courses and corresponding SIUE course equivalencies that were also approved will be communicated to Office of the Registrar. Grades will post to the SIUE transcript and will be calculated into the student's SIUE cumulative GPA.

  9. Study abroad courses having no direct equivalency to an SIUE course ( i.e. not pre-approved by a specific SIUE academic department) MAY still be approved by the Office of International Programs for generic SAB 200, 300, or 400 credit with the host institution course title included on the SIUE transcript. Note: Individual academic departments would have to determine if and how such credit (SAB 200, 300, 400) would apply toward graduation requirements.

Tuition and Fees for SIUE Approved Study Abroad Affiliate and Direct Placement Programs: Through the above registration process, students are not assessed SIUE tuition and regular on-campus student fees for SAB 200, 300, 400, or approved SIUE equivalent credit (with SAB section numbers). Students will be assessed a $75 Study Abroad Opportunities Fee on the SIUE bursar bill for the semester abroad.

Students are responsible for payment of all study abroad program costs (foreign institution tuition, fees, housing, etc.). These costs vary widely depending on host institution/program, world region, program structure, length of program, etc. These costs are paid by the student directly to the affiliate program or host institution on the basis of the program due dates. See Cost Considerations for more information.

3. SIUE Student Exchange Programs

Exchange programs are based on formal agreements that SIUE maintains with foreign institutions. Approved SIUE students are enrolled as visiting students at their host institution. They pay their normal SIUE tuition rate (on the SIUE bursar bill) for SIUE credit pursued at the exchange partner school.  Students receive a tuition waiver at exchange school, but are required to pay all administrative and housing costs to exchange school.

The Office of International Programs manages and is responsible for selection and advisement of both incoming and outgoing students for the following exchange programs:

  • Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Cuernavaca, Mexico
  • Université Laval, Quebec, Canada
  • Universitat de Lleida, Spain.
  • Université Catholique de L'Ouest, Angers, France
  • Université d'Angers, Angers, France

There also are five exchange agreements managed and administered exclusively by the SIUE School of Business:

For more information or to apply for participation in any of the School of Business exchange programs, contact Dr. Janice Joplin.

Registration for Exchange Programs
Students will be registered (by either the SIUE Study Abroad Advisor or by a School of Business Advisor) in the SIUE courses pre-approved for proposed course work at the exchange partner institution. These SIUE courses will have a special "DEX" section number designating "direct exchange" in CougarNet. All courses must be approved prior to departure on the "SIUE Course Proposal/ Equivalence Form."

Tuition and Fees for Exchange Programs
Outgoing SIUE exchange students will be assessed their regular SIUE tuition rate for the number of pre-approved credit hours in which they are registered as SIUE. They also are assessed the SIUE information technology fee. These charges will appear on the SIUE bursar bill for the semester abroad.

Outgoing exchange students are responsible for all housing costs abroad. Outgoing exchange students make payment for housing and any administrative fees directly to the exchange partner institution.

4. SIUE Faculty-Led Short-Term Programs

Registration for SIUE Faculty-Led Short-Term Programs
All SIUE courses associated with faculty led short term study abroad programs (Travel study section "TS" courses) require "Instructor Approval" to enroll. Students approved to participate in these programs are encouraged to be mindful of registration dates so that they can register for their study abroad courses as early as possible. Students take the completed SIUE Class "Registration Form" signed by the class instructor to the Service Center to enroll in the courses associated with their program. These forms are also available at the Service Center in RH.

SIUE Tuition for Faculty-Led Short-Term Programs
Students participating in short term faculty led programs will be assessed their regular SIUE tuition rate for courses associated with their program.

SIUE Student Fees for Faculty Led Short-Term Programs
Fees for SIUE Faculty Led Short-Term Programs are assessed as follows:

  1. Courses which are 100% study abroad (i.e. course start date and end date are the same as travel abroad dates) are excluded from assessment of all SIUE student fees EXCEPT for the Info-Technology Fee. 
  2. Courses which are less than 100% study abroad with required classes taught in online or hybrid formats before the travel departure date and/or after the travel return date are excluded from assessment of SIUE Student Fees EXCEPT for the Info-Technology Fee, Textbook Rental Fee, and Off-Campus Course Delivery Fee. 
  3. Courses which are less than 100% study abroad with required classes taught on the SIUE campus before the travel departure date and/or after the travel return date will be assessed all SIUE Student Fees.

Program Fees
Each SIUE Faculty Led Short Term Programs has a "Program Fee" in addition to the SIUE tuition cost. It is important to understand what the Program Fee does and does not include because not all programs are set up in the same way. Payment of the program fee and payment due dates vary from program to program, but the applicants for these programs should plan to pay the program fee in full by the due date. For summer programs, program fees are typically due early in the spring semester.

Non-SIUE Programs

Course work taken abroad without prior approval by SIUE and/or at sites not currently recognized by formal agreements and not receiving administrative support from the Office of International Programs can be considered for possible transfer credit only upon return to SIUE. Students who chose to undertake an independent non-SIUE program of study abroad will not be registered at SIUE and will not be eligible for any type of financial aid through SIUE. Students will need to make arrangements to have official transcripts and course descriptions (accompanied by translations in English) from the foreign institution sent to the Office of Admissions, Review and Processing for evaluation as transfer credit. The course work, if accepted, will appear strictly as transfer credit on the SIUE transcript. Upper Division Transfer Credit: Students will need to make arrangements to have the official transcript (accompanied by English translation) sent to the Office of Admissions, Review and Processing for evaluation as transfer credit. Students seeking upper division credit (300-400 level) will need to take a copy of the foreign transcript and course description(s) and/or syllabi to the appropriate SIUE academic department chair to seek approval by using the International Transfer Credit Re-Evaluation Request Form.

SIUE faculty considering the transfer credit request may view the official transcript received in the Office of Admissions, Review, and Processing through the Image Now system. Student is responsible for seeking the necessary approvals on upper division credit and returning the completed International Transfer Credit Re-Evaluation Request Form to Shauna Lehman, Assistant Director, Office of Admissions, 1207 Rendleman Hall.

The official, original transcript from the foreign institution for non-SIUE-approved programs must be sent from the foreign institution directly to: SIUE Office of Admissions Review and Processing Box 1047, SIUE, Edwardsville, IL 62026-1047 U.S.A.

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