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Swansea University

Pre-sessional Course: The semester in Wales program begins with an interdisciplinary two-week, British Culture and Politics since 1945 (AMX 315/316). This interdisciplinary pre-sessional programme provides students with an introduction to major themes, events and personalities which have shaped social, cultural and political development of the United Kingdom since the end of World War Two. Social and cultural issues will be analysed through British literature, films and popular culture. The British political system will be discussed and will analyse political parties, the monarchy, devolution, nationalism and Britain's relationship with Europe. After this initial course, students will enroll in regular courses offered by the university.


Swansea University has about 14,000 full-time students. The university is known for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Students come from all parts of Britain - England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales - as well as many other countries. With 15% of students from outside the U.K., the campus enjoys an international flavor, yet unique Welsh cultural influences are also readily evident.

The university has an attractive campus setting, situated in acres of park land along the sea coast just to the west of the city of Swansea. Faculty-student relationships are excellent and students are encouraged to take an active part in departmental life. The Taliesin Arts Center, the Sports Centre, and the University Students' Union (which runs over 100 societies and clubs) offer a wide array of leisure activities.

What is SIUE's relationship with Swansea University?
SIUE cooperates with the Swansea University to offer a comprehensive study abroad program. Our goal is to offer our students an accessible introduction to British and Welsh life and culture.

Swansea is small enough for attention in classrooms and finding friends, but big enough for a great night life. During my semester at Swansea University I've pursued my degree while finding incredible journeys and making life long friends. ~ Van Burnett, SIUE Marketing Major, Spring 2010 in Swansea

The City of Swansea


Swansea is a modern city of 250,000 inhabitants. It enjoys excellent road and rail connections to all parts of Britain. London is only three hours away by train and Stratford-upon-Avon and Oxford are similar distances. The city is both an important commercial center and also a growing tourist destination.

Facilities include excellent shopping centers: the city's market dates back to the Middle Ages yet the Quadrant Shopping Center next door is one of the most modern in the country. Dozens of shops are housed in attractive undercover malls and arcades. Swansea's splendid Maritime Quarter has been the role model for other national Maritime developments.

The Grand Theater is among the most important in Britain and attracts major touring companies, opera, and international entertainers. Swansea hosts an international festival of music each October which attracts world-famous orchestras, classical performers and artists. Swansea also has seven cinemas, numerous restaurants offering cuisine from a dozen countries, a major art gallery and two museums. First class rugby, cricket and soccer are played in the city.

Swansea University lies on the wide sweep of Swansea Bay on the Gower Peninsula, an area of outstanding natural beauty, extending fifteen miles to its west. The Gower consists of a string of secluded and dramatic bays, cliffs, valleys, and sandy coves. It is a natural playground for hiking, horseback riding, hang gliding, surfing, fishing, and rock climbing.

What academic programs are available?

In addition to the required British life and culture course, students take classes from regular Swansea departments. The seven teaching faculties or colleges are Arts, Economic and Social Studies, Educational Studies, Engineering, Science, Health Care and Law. Courses are offered in over 40 majors. There may be restrictions in specific majors.

***After Spring 2005 modules in the Biological Sciences and Chemistry will no longer be available to exchange students.


Further Academic Information is available at the University of Wales at Swansea website. Click on "Module Catalog" to search for courses. Teaching at Swansea is conducted in two Teaching Blocks, which are more or less equivalent to our Fall and Spring semesters.

Teaching block 1 (TB1) = Autumn Term (September - January)*

Teaching block 2 (TB2) = Spring & Summer Terms (January - June)

Some modules (courses) are listed as TB 1 & 2, which means they are taught continuously from September to June, not TB1 repeated in TB2.

* Exam assessment for TB1 is conducted in January but most departments will provide alternative assessment in December for students studying on the Fall semester. Check for department assessment requirements

Modules are measured in credit points, approximately translated to semester hours:

Swansea credit points US semester hours

10 2/3

15 4

20 5/6

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2013/2014 Program fees

Fall 2013 - $10,000
Spring 2014 - $10,500

A deposit of $300 is due with the application. Balance will be due in full approximately 1.5 months prior to Swansea semester start date.

The program fee includes Swansea tuition up to 50 Swansea credits (usually approved for 12 -15 SIUE credits) & the pre-sessional course in Swansea, accommodation, bus pass, administration and field trips. For Spring semester there is an additional month of housing included for the break, so the program fee is slightly higher in Spring semester. The program fee does not include airfare, meals, the SIUE Study Abroad Fee ($75), passport ($135) and other personal expenses.

Additional costs to consider include: meals, airfare, books and supplies, personal spending, health insurance.


How do I apply?
Contact SIUE's Office of Study Abroad (2053 Morris University Center, 650-2419). Application requirements include a minimum GPA of 2.75 and sophomore, junior, or senior standing. You will need a current official transcript, two academic letters of recommendation, a list of proposed courses you wish to take at the Swansea University and corresponding SIUE course equivalencies approved by corresponding SIUE academic departments and the Study Abroad Office, and a personal statement essay of about 2 - 3 pages stating why you wish to study at Swansea and how study there fits into your academic and personal goals. A deposit of $300 is due with the application.

Application Deadlines:

Fall semester applications must be complete and submitted by March 1st.

Spring semester applications must be complete and submitted by September 15th.

You should schedule an appointment to meet with the Study Abroad Coordinator to begin the application process at least 1 - 2 months before the application deadlines.

Note regarding Spring semester: The assessment period for Spring semester is generally late May - early June. All U.S. students enrolled in the Spring semester program should be prepared to remain in Swansea until the end of the examination period which is normally early to mid June. Once students have completed all exams and required coursework, they are free to leave.

Note regarding Fall semester: The assessment period for Fall semester is generally in January. The following departments require students to be in Swansea for examinations in January:

Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Computer Science, Early Childhood Studies, Economics, Engineering, Law, and Mathematics. Most other departments are willing to require an essay in place of an exam or to provide early exam assessment in order to allow students to leave before Christmas.