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Study Abroad

Pre-Application Steps

1. Meet basic requirements -  Make sure you meet the following basic requirements to apply for study abroad.

  • 2.5 GPA or higher (many programs require a 2.75 or 3.0 GPA).
  • At least 2 semesters completed study at SIUE at time of departure.
  • Approval from Office of Study Abroad and appropriate academic advisor(s).

2. Gather Information - You should begin your search for the study abroad program that is right for you at least 1- 2 semesters prior to the semester you wish to study abroad.

  • Browse through the resource library in the Study Abroad Office (2053 Morris University Center) and take brochures/ catalogs for programs of interest.
  • On-line information - Review online study abroad information at http://www.siue.edu/studyabroad
  • Set an appointment to meet with the Study Abroad Coordinator, Julie Beall-Marshall.

3. See your Academic Advisor - Discuss study abroad with your academic advisor and find out which courses you still need for graduation. Do you still have general education requirements to meet? Are there specific course requirements for your major that you will need to meet on your study abroad program? If so, what are they? When would study abroad best fit into your schedule?

4. Narrow your goals - Define your personal and academic goals for studying abroad. Answer the following questions to define your goals and find the right program:

  • Where do you want to go and why?
  • How long do you want to study abroad? (semester, academic year, summer, or short-term program)
  • How much money (including financial aid) will you have available for study abroad?

5. Meet with the Study Abroad Coordinator - Contact Julie Beall-Marshall by e-mail at jbeall@siue.edu or by phone at 650-2419 to make an appointment to discuss and review your goals, eligibility, and options for study abroad.

6. Talk to your parents - Discuss your hopes and plans with your parents. Bring them detailed information on study abroad and the program in which you hope to participate. Refer them to the SIUE study abroad website and the section on FAQs.

7. Analyze the costs involved - Honestly analyze the financial resources you will have to pay for study abroad. See online study abroad financial aid information at http://www.siue.edu/studyabroad/financial_aid.shtml. Research study abroad scholarship opportunities.

8. Apply! - Make a final decision about your study abroad program and start preparing your application materials with the Study Abroad Coordinator well in advance of the deadline, at least one semester in advance of your departure. See Application Procedures for additional application information.

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