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Sign the We Are One pledge!

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville holds a mission of public service based on five fundamental values: citizenship, excellence, integrity, openness, and wisdom. All members of the University community seek to create and promote an environment of respect and cooperation to honor the value of openness. In this way, educational excellence is enhanced and the contributions of the individual are celebrated as we both identify common ground and salute the differences that strengthen our community.

College is an incredibly unique time in your life. Between the opportunities to expand your knowledge of both yourself and the world, and to prepare for career success on the global stage, you will have experiences with an amazing array of people, including faculty, staff, fellow students, employers and others. SIUE is a diverse microcosm of the world with people from all walks of life represented. And this diversity ranges from racial and ethnic differences to variations in age, religious beliefs, gender and sexual orientation, socioeconomic standing, and the list goes on.

Maybe you've come to SIUE having had little chance to interact with people from diverse backgrounds. It's not uncommon to have been surrounded by those very similar to ourselves during the formative years. Take this golden opportunity to enhance your perspective on the world by reaching out to the dynamic mix of cultures, perspectives, and belief systems found on our campus. And it's so easy to do, whether through a conversation with a fellow student in the residence halls, a fascinating class, a cultural event, or a service project within the greater community. Be bold and take full advantage of your college experience to learn from those whose history differs from your own.

SIUE is your second family, a rich and diverse mix of individuals who will expand your world as never before. Your responsibility, as a global citizen, is to respect and assist fellow students, no matter what their backgrounds. Our job, as a community, is to prevent injustice and violence at SIUE.

Please join me by adding your signature to support Student Government's "WE ARE ONE" pledge. Visit the Kimmel Leadership Center on the 1st floor of the Morris University Center to sign up and receive a free t-shirt (while supplies last). By joining your campus family in championing diversity, you also celebrate your own individuality.

Let's make every person feel like they've been welcomed home on our campus!


Julie Furst Bowe

Julie Furst-Bowe
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