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Why do I need to do this?

As part of the federal mandates put forth by the Department of Education (e.g. Campus SaVE Act, Jeanne Clery Act, Violence Against Women Act, & Title IX) and an Illinois state mandate (Preventing Sexual Violence in Higher Education Act), ALL SIUE students are required to complete sexual assault prevention training each academic year.  Not Anymore fulfills all of these legal requirements, and teaches participants about gender-based violence and what we as a community can do to end it

Not Anymore must be completed by October 1 of each academic year.  (If you are a new student entering during a spring semester, you must complete Not Anymore by March 1.)  Failure to complete Not Anymore by the deadline will result in a registration hold on your student account. This means you will not be able to register for classes for the next semester.  Don't let this happen to you!  Make sure to complete Not Anymore on time so you have access to the best available course selection.

Is this for all students?

Yes.  Every student must complete training, every academic year.  This includes any student who takes one or more classes at SIUE.

What support is in place if this training is triggering for me?

We understand that talking about this topic can be difficult. Please know that we have resources at SIUE and in the community to support you. If you want to talk to someone prior to or after taking Not Anymore, please contact Samantha Dickens, Prevention Education and Advocacy Center (PEACe) Coordinator, at or (618) 650-5492. If you are not sure what support services you would like to connect with, you are also welcome to visit

Please know that Ms. Dickens is a responsible employee, which means that she is required to notify the SIUE Title IX Coordinator regarding any gender based violence.  Should you wish to have a confidential conversation instead, Ms. Dickens can provide you with information about confidential resources both on and off campus.

We respond to students who are or may be triggered by Not Anymore on a case-by-case basis. Ms. Dickens will work with you to provide support, including finding a time or location to complete training that is more comfortable for you, identifying a support person to be with you while you complete the training, or providing training in an alternative format.  To better understand how we can help, please contact Samantha Dickens at or (618) 650-5492 for assistance.

I've previously completed sexual assault prevention training at SIUE.  Why do I need to take it again?

As of 2016, the state of Illinois now requires all state colleges and universities to provide sexual assault prevention training each year for all currently enrolled students.  Because of the expanded requirement with the new state law, all students will complete a sexual assault prevention training each year.  Not Anymore is the training used here at SIUE to meet this requirement.

How do I know if I have completed Not Anymore?

By accessing your SIUE account via CougarNet, you can check to see if there are any holds on your student account.  A hold listed as "sexual assault prevention" indicates that you have not completed the requirement.  After completing Not Anymore, it usually takes 24-48 hours for that hold to be removed from your account.  

Student Affairs will have access to the program to determine whether you have completed the training requirement. Feel free to email with questions.  Failure to complete Not Anymore by October 1 or March 1 will result in a registration hold on your student account.

When is the deadline?

The deadline to complete Not Anymore to ensure eligibility for registration is October 1.  New students entering during the spring semester must complete training by March 1.

I am only taking online classes. Do I still need to complete Not Anymore?

Yes, all students are required to complete Not Anymore by October 1 or March 1 to ensure eligibility for registration. Failure to complete the training requirement by the deadline will result in a registration hold on your student account.

How long does it take to complete Not Anymore?

Not Anymore takes about 60 minutes to complete.  You can complete the training at your own pace and at any computer, tablet, or mobile device with internet access EXCEPT i-PHONES.  Sorry, Apple fans!

Will I receive course credit or a certificate of completion for completing Not Anymore?

While Not Anymore is required training for all students, you will not receive course credit for completion.  If you would like to print a certificate of completion for your own records, you will see a ”Download Certificate of Completion” link once you successfully complete the program.  Your completion will be tracked by SIUE, so no need to send the certificate to us!

What happens if my computer freezes during the middle of completing Not Anymore or if I have problems with completing the program?

You can access technical assistance at

Are there support capabilities for students with disabilities?

Not Anymore complies with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the World Wide Web Consortium Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (“WCAG”) 2.0, level AA.  It is designed to address the needs of users with disabilities and includes features such as:

  • The entire program can be operated using just the keyboard (no mouse required)
  • All content is designed and presented in a way that allows for zooming to increase the size of the text and images.
  • All videos include closed captions that can be toggled on or off
  • For users with visual disabilities, a separate audio track is available that combines the normal audio track with additional verbal description of the on-screen video action
  • All pages of the program are designed to ensure no problems occur when using screen readers.

Is Not Anymore available in different languages?

Not Anymore is closed captioned and features subtitles in the following languages: English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese, and Arabic.  The international module is also available with subtitles/closed captioning in Japanese, Portugese, and Hindi.

What if I don’t have a computer at home or a mobile device with internet access?

Computer labs are available at many locations on campus, including residence halls and Cougar Village Apartments.  You can find a list of computer labs HERE.

What if I don’t pass the courses?

If you do not receive a score of 75% or higher on Not Anymore, you will be instructed to review only those sections where you did not achieve a passing score. There is not a restriction on how many times you can review the materials. Ultimately, you will retake the course until achieve a passing score of 75% or higher.

What email address should I use?

For all SIUE students, please use your SIUE email address (e-id and password) given to you at registration.  You will just need to enter the first part of your SIUE e-mail address, or your e-ID, along with your password to access Not Anymore.

What materials do I need prior to log-in?

Please be sure to have the following materials readily available prior to logging in:

  • A computer or mobile device with internet access and audio capabilities
  • SIUE e-ID —the 7 letter username given to you at registration (first part of your e-mail address) and your password

Who should I contact with any other questions?

Please contact Student Affairs at or (618) 650-2020.

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