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Graduate Graduate Program: Graduate Assistantships and Other Funding Opportunities

Graduate Assistantships * Summer Tuition Waivers *
Other Funding Opportunities

Graduate Assistantships

Financial aid for sociology graduate students is available in the form of graduate assistantships.  In addition to providing financial aid and a tuition waiver, assistantships also serve as an important educational experience by offering opportunities for graduate students to work closely with faculty members in their teaching, research and community service activities.  Please refer to the Graduate School website for more information about assistantships.

The department normally awards assistantships on an academic year basis.  Students should apply to the Department by April 15 for graduate assistantships beginning the following fall semester.  In order to be considered for an assistantship, however, you must already be accepted into the graduate program.  Thus, those interested in an assistantship should apply for entry into the graduate program no later than February 15.

Any student wishing to apply for a graduate assistantship must complete three application forms:

Submit both completed applications to:

Dr. Connie Frey, Graduate Program Director
Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice Studies
Box 1455, SIUE
Edwardsville, IL 62026-1455

Summer Tuition Waivers

Students who have served as a graduate assistant for at least two consecutive semesters are eligible for a Summer Tuition Waiver.  According to the Graduate Assistant Handbook, such waivers:
  • Do not require you to work;
  • Are available only one time during your SIUE graduate career;
  • Must be used during summer term immediately following two consecutive semesters of service as a graduate assistant; and
  • Do not limit the number of class hours for which you may register.


To apply for a summer tuition waiver, students must complete an authorization form and submit it to the Graduate School for approval.  The Graduate School, upon approval of your waiver, will mail a confirmation to your home address.  Note that this waiver does not cover enrollment in UNIV 500

Other Funding Opportunities

In addition to graduate assistantships and summer tuition waivers, the Graduate School provides numerous funding opportunities for graduate students.  You can find information about these and other funding opportunities at Graduate School’s page on Fellowships and Grants.