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Accomplishments and Publications

June 2009 SIUE Employee of the Month Recipient, Lynn Miller, with Trish Oberweis (nominater- right) and Dave Kauzlarich (Chair -left)

Miller Award

2009 Departmental Studenet Awards :

Ryan Jones & Ginny Huot: Distinguished Criminal Justice Studies Students.

Megann Corso, Carrie Owens & Havah Kinne: Artex International Sociology Awards

Student Winners 2009


Ann Dirks-Linhorst
Dirks-Linhorst, P.A. (2008).  Addictions in corrections.  Issues in Correctional Health. (R.
Ruddell & M. Tomita, Eds.).  Richmond, KY:  Newgate Press.

Dirks-Linhorst, P.A. (2008).  Correctional mental health:  Problems, prevalence, and public
health.  Issues in Correctional Health.  (R. Ruddell & M. Tomita, Eds.).  Richmond, KY:
Newgate Press.

Linhorst, D.M., Dirks-Linhorst, P.A., Bernsen, H.L., & Childrey, J.  (forthcoming).  The
development and implementation of a jail-based substance abuse treatment program.
Journal of Social Work Practice in the Addictions.

Summer Research Fellowship
Summer 2008 "Tough on Crime or Beating the System: An Evaluation of NGRI Murder

Assigned Research Time Proposal
Successful - Fall 2008
Development of a Treatment Program for Medium and High Risk Female Offenders in conjunction with Children's Home & Aid Society.

Dave Kauzlarich
Paul Simon Teacher-Scholar Award (2009), Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.

William and Margaret Going Endowed Professor Award, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, College of Arts and Sciences, 2008.

(2009) David Kauzlarich and Hugh Barlow. Introduction to Criminology, 9th
Edition. New York: Rowman and Littlefield.

(forthcoming, 2009) Rothe, D., Jeffrey Ian Ross, Christopher W. Mullins, David Friedrichs, Gregg Barak, Ronald C. Kramer, Dave Kauzlarich, and Raymond
Michalowski. “That Was Then, This is Now, What About Tomorrow? Future Directions in State
Crime Studies”. Critical Criminology: An International Journal. Vol. 17, No. 1 in press

(forthcoming, 2009) Dawn L. Rothe and David Kauzlarich “State-Level Crime: Theory and Policy,” accepted and forthcoming in Hugh D. Barlow and
Scott Decker (eds.) (eds.) Crime and Public Policy: Putting Theory to Work, 2nd Edition. Temple University Press.

(2008) David Kauzlarich “State Violence,” in Claire M. Renzetti and Jeffrey L. Edleson (eds.) Encyclopedia of Interpersonal Violence. Sage.

Lisa Welch
Welch, Lisa C., Susan C. Miller, Edward W. Martin, Aman Nanda. 2008. “Referral and Timing of Referral to Hospice Care in Nursing Homes: The Significant Role of Staff Members.” The Gerontologist. 48,4: 477-484.

This research utilizes a qualitative method to understand the process behind end-of-life care decision-making in a nursing home setting. Findings show that decisions about whether a nursing home resident receives end-of-life services provided by a hospice often turns on the beliefs and practices of staff members-- not physicians.