When Should I Do My Internship?

Soc. 433 is considered the capstone of this concentration and therefore should be taken in the senior year when most other core course work is completed or optimally in the last semester before graduation. We require that students take the internship class simultaneous with their internship. This way we can ensure that students have the best support available when writing the final paper and dealing with internship problems. From our experience, students who do not take the class and do their internship simultaneously have a difficult time graduating and are less likely to gain valuable experience from their internship.

Students who must take the class and do the internship separately can do so under appeal. These students must write a proposal explaining a) why the two experiences cannot be done together and b) how all class assignments will be completed. The appeal will be considered by the student’s advisor.

1) Course Preparation

Students should have completed or be taking Soc. 338 Industry and Society and Soc. 431 Employment and Workplace Change before doing their internship. These courses focus on the application of sociological knowledge to the employment context, the workplace and the larger industrial sphere. Other courses, both in sociological and other fields will be recommended by the Employment Relations adviser.

2) Location and Timing

It is important that students consider the location of internship sites and that the internship be conducted as near as possible to the student's permanent residence. The student will be spending a significant amount of time on-site and a convenient location will allow interns to meet such obligations more effectively. Although internship opportunities can sometimes emerge anytime during the academic year, the summer months often provide that best opportunity to fulfill time requirements. Whenever an opportunity for a desirable internship occurs, it is important to consider it in consultation with your advisor.