Applying Concepts

Possible Concepts to Apply
(Please feel free to add concepts from other classes)

Concepts from 338:

Division of Labor * Social Relations of Production*
Male as Workplace Norm * Gender Ideology * Gender Identity
Work/family Conflict * Employee Rights * Discrimination *
(Dis)satisfaction * Alienation * Labor unions
New technology* Bureaucracy* Marginal labor *
Workplace health/ safety * Deskilling * Resistance/sabotage *
Downsizing * Sexual harassmen *t Global competition *
Human resource Manag.* Scientific management * Participatory management *
Relationship between technology and social behavior *
Autonomy/Centralization/Role Specialization/Standardization

Concepts from 433

Bureaucratic structures Organizational culture A systems approach
Change making Team building Diversity based
Technology based Participatory action research Evaluation research
Alternative organizational arrangements Flattening-decentralizing
Halographic organizations Group based approaches Cultural approaches
Employee participation techniques Learning-to learn-
Pluralist-partnership-joint approaches Problem solving
A contingency approach A political-conflict management approach
Needs assessment