ER Required Classes and Electives

ER Required Classes
We require three classes in the ER program. These are:
* Sociology 338 (Industry and Society)
* Sociology 431 (Employment and Workplace Change)
* Sociology 433 (Internship Class)

You cannot take all three classes simultaneously. Thus, we recommend that you take 338 the Fall of your senior year and 431 and 433, together, the Spring of your senior year. Please note that 431 is ONLY offered in the Spring. Further, 433 is only offered in the Spring and Summer.

ER Elective Classes -- Consider taking related classes outside and inside the sociology department

IS GBA 300 (This class heavily relies on group activity)

Psychology 320, Industrial and Organizational Psych
Psychology 374, Organizational Psychology

Sociology 304, Race and Ethnic Relations
Sociology 308, Women, Gender and Society
Sociology 335, Urban Society.
Sociology 373, Juvenile Delinquency
Sociology 381,  Gender, Ethnicity and the Workplace
Sociology 390, Criminal Justice in America
Sociology 394, Sociology of the Black Family
Sociology 447, Underground Economy
Sociology 490, National Wealth and Poverty

Speech Communication, 223,  Interpersonal Communication
Speech Communication 300, Communication in Interviewing
Speech Communication 331, Gender and Communication
Speech Communication 403, Organizational Communication Theory