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What is Criminal Justice?

Criminal Justice is the study of crime, social control, and the institutions created by society to control deviant behavior. Criminal Justice research focuses on a variety of topics: such as the study of law; social justice issues regarding the interactions between race, class, gender, and the criminal justice system; the punishment and/or rehabilitation of criminal offenders; the theory and practice of law enforcement; comparative criminal justice and numerous other issues.

The Criminal Justice Studies program at SIUE offers substantive courses on law enforcement, corrections, the court system, law, and other areas. All majors are required to take courses in research methods and data analysis in order to prepare them to be critical consumers of academic knowledge. The senior assignment for Criminal Justice majors is an internship with an agency of the student’s choosing. This provides students with the opportunity to experience the professional environment of their desired career. The program offers majors the opportunity to obtain either a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree.

Careers in Criminal Justice