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What can I do with a degree in Criminal Justice?

In recent years, career opportunities in fields linked with criminal justice have shown steady growth. While some jobs do not require a university degree, many others do, and a degree almost always improves an individual’s chances for promotions and other career advancement. Because the criminal justice degree at SIUE rests on a strong academic foundation, a wide variety of occupations will be accessible to its graduates. These include court administration, probation and parole, research and planning, community-based prevention and treatment, and working with juveniles and other special populations of offenders. Criminal justice majors also are hired by law firms as researchers, and by corporations that maintain internal security services or provide security services to clients. The many state and federal agencies involved in law enforcement and crime prevention also hire criminal justice majors as front-line officers as well as in the areas of administration, research, planning, and human resources. Newer areas of work such as victim-witness advocacy, dispute resolution, and neighborhood/community justice centers also provide employment opportunities for criminal justice majors.