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Senior Assignment Showcase

Senior Assignment Showcase
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Undergraduate Scholars Showcase

2009 Senior Assignment Showcase

The 2009 Senior Assignment Showcase was held on April 21st from 2:00-4:00 P.M. in the Morris University Center. Over five dozen seniors presented their work, representing 25 different departments and programs.

Pictures above display several events from the day: attendees viewing schedule, a live performance, and a group poster presentation.

College of Arts and Sciences


Jamie Berner, A Study of Foraging Behavior and Diet of C. capucinus (white-faced capuchin monkey) in a Tropical Forest in Costa Rica

Abdul Ursani, Cyberactivism and the Zapatista Rebellion

Art and Design

Gina Rosienski, Metalsmithing, Study in Argentium Silver with an Emphasis in Filigree

Biological Sciences

Michael Wade, Receptor Clustering in Apoptosis

Joseph Jedlicka, Increased in vitro germination of Schoenoplectus hallii (Cyperaceae) in response to ethylene


Kenneth W. Rogers Jr., Oxidation of the anionic FE(II) complexes NBu4[CpFe(CN)2(CO)] & NBu4[CpFe(CN)2(PPh3)]

Joel Thomas, Template Synthesis and AFM Characterization of Nickel Nanowires

English Language and Literature

Stephanie Biondi, The African Diaspora: Economic Philosophy and Practice as They Refer to the Black Nationalist Movement

Andrew Doty, Homeward Bound: Concepts of Home in 'The Odyssey'

Foreign Languages

Elizabeth Killingbeck, La configuracion de la identidad religiosa por medio del sincretesmo (The configuration of religious identity by means of syncretism: The Tselitales and their Maya-Christian religion)

Emily Poff, Pan's Labyrinth and the Spanish Civil War

Liberal Studies

Jacob Schlemper, Instruments of War - a Chronological Documentation of US Infantry Weaponry

Mass Communications

Preston A. Gibson, Website for MC481


Amy Sidwell, The RSA Cryptosystem


David Ikard, Music Composition Presentation


Joel Beckwith, Innate Ideas in Modern Philosophy

Mindy Young-Lawson, Nietzsche and Feminism

Political Science

Alyx Mark, The U.S. Senate and Co-sponsorship


Kevin Adkins, The Influence of Social Factors and Personal Attitudes on SIUE Students' Levels of Pro-Environmental Behavior

Speech Communication

Jesika M. Nelson, Eboni M. Thompson, Kyle P. Cadwallader, & J. Nichole Butler, United Way of Greater St. Louis Volunteer Center Certification: Agency Recruitment and Process Assessment

Theater and Dance

Tiffany Wilcox, Senior Performance Project

School of Education

Community Health

Jamie Hovey, Jennifer Kratzer, & Cassandra McCallister, Safe and Happy Babies


Erin Ruth Baker, Hina Zia, Jill Stewart, & Apryl Wilson, Victim Impact Panel Video: Influence on Attitudes Toward Drinking and Driving

Jessica Crider, Michelle Nikolai, Damian Rivera, Angela Shook, & Erin Vazzi, Does Being Diagnosed Help or Harm Mildly Depressed Psychotherapy Clients?

Special Education and Communication Disorders

Heather Markowski & Dayna Becker , Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, Autism & Apraxia: Using Articulation Therapy to Further Communication

Nicole Heard , Special Education, I'm Highly Qualified!

School of Engineering

Civil Engineering

Joey Heger, 2009 ASCE Steel Bridge Contest Design

Trisha Youngquist, Open-Graded Friction Courses: A Study in Permeability

Computer Science

Brett Douglas, William Holtgrave, & John Jenkins, SMMS (SIUE Medical Management System)

Thomas Duncan, Heather Lynch, Andrew Martin, & Scott Miller, Wii Experiment

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Joshua Davis, Tim Duncan, Justin Harms, & Amie Hoff, Audio Delay Inducer

Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

Grant Donoho , Development of an Automated Swaging Device

Mechanical Engineering

Donald Owens, Ryan Jozwiak, Scott Brinkmann, & Eric Lamczyk, Cougar Baja

School of Nursing

Laura Baker, The Role of the Nurse Anesthetist in Rural and Urban Settings

Tarryn Ellis , An Exploration of Sickle Cell Disease

Ashley McFarland , Comparing the Use of Ointments Versus Dry Cord Care and the Risk of Infection in Newborns

Brenna Thomas , Anxiety and Depression After Open Heart Surgery: The Nurse's Role in Educating the Patient

Ann Thompson , Administering Compassion: Nonpharmacologic Management of Aggressive Behaviors in Dementia Patients and the Need for Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing Care

Casey Webb , Post Partum Depression in New Mothers: Providing Screening and Educational Information

School of Pharmacy

Andrew Brand & Matt Layman, Utilization of the Illinois Prescription Drug Monitoring Program by Community Pharmacists

Brandy Bratcher , Cystic Fibrosis Bone Disease in Children and Adolescents

Michaela Doss , The Correlation of Vancomycin Minimum Inhibitory Concentrations and Clinical Outcomes with Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Bacteremia

Julie Duke Endsley , A Retrospective Drug Utilization Evaluation of Acyclovir in Neonates

Jennifer Lurk , Stability of Sodium Bicarbonate in Solution for Intravenous Infusion

To view more pictures from the event, please click here.

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