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Senior Assignment Showcase

Senior Assignment Showcase
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Undergraduate Scholars Showcase

2008 Senior Assignment Showcase

The 2008 Senior Assignment Showcase was held on Tuesday, April 22, 2008. A total of 24 departments and programs had students present their Senior Assignment projects. Presentations included live music and dance performances, poster and PowerPoint presentations, readings and demonstrations. Certificates were also awarded to these students for their Outstanding Senior Assignments following the showcase.




Scenes from the 2008 Senior Project Showcase: Above: Dancers perform "Splintered, " choreographed by Karlie Pollard while Emma Tiemann plays violin. Top right, Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Carl Springer discusses Sarah Morrison's poster display with her. Bottom, right: Speech Communication students make a PowerPoint presentation.

College of Arts and Sciences

Brian Kumpf, An Interactive Online Human Evolution Tutorial: Technological Solutions to Teaching Anthropology (PowerPoint presentation)

Jamie Haines, Analysis of Historical Euro-American Skeletal Remains from the Old Darwin Cemetery, Darwin, Illinois (PowerPoint presentation)

Art and Design
Alex Oslance (sculpture, video display)

Rebecca Barton (metalsmithing: B.F.A. display)

Biological Sciences
Margaret E. (Maggie) Wilson, Disruption and Isolation of a Gene in the Signaling Pathway of the Mushroom Schizophyllum commune (poster)

Jacqueline Jacquot, Morphological and Germination Characteristics of Schoenoplectus hallii, a Rare Plant Species (poster)

Lindsey Hamilton, The Molecular Mechanism of Dual Oxidase (poster)

Brian Schutte, Inorganic Chemical Research (poster)

English Language and Literature
Richard L. Fore, Beyond the Pale: The Technological Prophecies in William Gibson's Neuromancer (display)

Jacob Carlson, Pack Dominance and Privatization: A Study of Social Territory (display)

Foreign Languages
Timothy S. Leveling (Spanish,) Un problema complejo: La economia boliviana (reading)

Laura A. Stanfill (Spanish,) El carnival (reading)

Kim Douglas (German,) Uurd im Heliand im Vergleich zum Schicksalsbegriff in der ConsolatioPhilosophiae (reading)

Laura Fayollat, Doing "Women's Work": Gendered Workspaces and Gender Expectations (poster)

Kevin Rohling, Road-kill, Road-kill Studies, and Carcass Removal (poster)

Liberal Studies
Erin Wittland, The Political, Ethical, and Social Implications of an Abortion-Breast Cancer Link: Putting Patients' Lives First (reading)

Ryan Donahue, The Teacher Scholar at SIUE (PowerPoint presentation)

Nick Jost (live jazz performance)

Jessica Anderson (live piano recital)

Sarah Morrison, Plato: an idealistic feminist (poster)

Nicholas Toennies (poster)

Political Science
Evan Port, Nuclear: An Alternative Energy Source (reading)

Sociology and Criminal Justice Studies
Criminal Justice Studies: Bradley Clemence, To Take the Case or Not: Comparing Prosecutor and Special Agent Case Discretion (poster)

Sociology: Gretchen R. Bauman, Strategies of Foster Parents (poster)

Speech Communication
Neil Kohnen, Scott Dyer, Kimberly Charlton, Jennifer Mulholland and Chermaine T. Washington, Creating Leaders at the Alternative High School in Alorton (PowerPoint presentation)

Theater and Dance
Dance: Karlie Pollard (live dance performance)

Theater: Sara Trebing (costume display)



Posters representing the School of Education in the 2008 Senior Project Showcase included Luciana Sabatino of Special Education (left) and Trisha Dittamore and Megan E. Reeder of Speech Language Pathology and Audiology.

School of Education

Kinesiology and Health Education
Exercise and Wellness: Jen Davenport, College Student's Perception of Diet and Exercise (PowerPoint presentation)

Rose Harper, Andrea Franklin, Lisa Smith and Stephanie Young, Exploring Gender Differences in Risk Taking in Social Domains (poster)

Lisa Pellegrin, Adolescent Weight and Activity Levels as Contributing Factors to Adult Obesity (poster)

Special Education and Communication Disorders
Speech Language Pathology and Audiology: Trisha Dittamore and Megan E. Reeder, The Effects of PECS on Intentional Communication of a Child with Autism (poster)

Special Education: Luciana Sabatino, Senior portfolio (poster)



Above, left: the Civil Engineering Outstanding Senior Assignment recipients pause before their presentation at the 2008 Senior Project Showcase. Above, right: a member of the the Baja Suspension Design Team in Mechanical Engineering explains his team's project.

School of Engineering

Civil Engineering
Jake Gonterman, Rob Heer and Joey Watson, ASCE Steel Bridge Competition (PowerPoint presentation)

Computer Science
Elvira Blackledge, William Gillott and James Mruzik, Evaluate 2007 (poster)

Mechanical Engineering
Miles Musick, Nicholas Boeing, Ethan Mikesell and Justin Schnitker, SIUE Cougar Baja Suspension Design Team (PowerPoint presentation and display)

Matt Gorlewicz, Jenna Toennies and Aaron Backs, Autonomous Robot (PowerPoint presentation)

Presentation 6


2008 Senior Project Showcase participants from Nursing included Allison Kraus, above left, and Candace Jones, above right, who discusses her poster with Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Narbeth Emmanuel.

School of Nursing

Laura Adams, An Assessment of Government Teen Pregnancy Interventions in Rural Illinois (poster)

Joseph Gould, PTSD in a Veteran Population (poster)

Candace Jones, School Nurses' Role in the Prevention and Treatment of Childhood Obesity (poster)

Allison Kraus, Antibiotics and Oral Contraceptives (PowerPoint presentation)

Stacy Marriott, Postpartum Depression and Nursing Advocacy (poster)

Danielle Schrage, Contamination of Non-Critical Medical Equipment (PowerPoint presentation)

For a program listing of the day, click on this link: 2008 Senior Assignment Showcase. The advertisement for the Showcase, which appeared in SIUE's student newspaper the ALESTLE, can be found here: 2008 Senior Assignment Showcase ALESTLE ad.

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