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The University, through the Police Department, Counseling Services, Health Services, Housing, Student Affairs, and other University personnel are committed to educating and raising awareness of the University community on issues pertaining to sexual assault, acquaintance rape, and other forcible and non-forcible sex offenses. This is accomplished by providing workshops, training seminars, informational programs, support groups, and advocacy on an on-going basis to students and employees. Information on awareness and prevention are presented at several SIUE functions throughout the year, i.e. new student and new employee orientations, and other University sponsored events. These departments offer educational and informational programs to University students and employees upon request.

If you are a victim of a sexual assault on or off campus, your first priority should be to get to a place of safety. The University Police Department strongly advocates that a victim of sexual assault report the incident as soon as possible. Time is a critical factor for evidence collection and preservation. The victim of a sexual assault should not shower, use sanitary products, use the restroom, change clothes, or touch anything the suspect may have touched.

An assault that occurs on the Edwardsville Campus should be reported directly to the University Police by calling 911. If you are on the Alton Campus, dial 911 and the Alton Police Department will respond due to their proximity to the Campus, followed by the SIUE University Police. If you are off campus, call 911 and you will be put directly in touch with the police jurisdiction you are currently in. If the victim is not comfortable with contacting the police directly, they should contact a representative of Counseling Services, Health Services, Housing, or Student Affairs, and the representative will assist the victim in notifying the proper authorities. If you are on the Alton Campus, you may contact any of the above Edwardsville Campus offices or the Assistant Dean for Admissions and Student Services (Student Affairs) located on the Alton Campus. Filing a police report will ensure that a victim receives the necessary medical treatment and tests; provide the opportunity for collection of evidence helpful in prosecution, which cannot be obtained later; assure the victim has access to confidential counseling from SIUE counselors specifically trained in the area of sexual assault crisis intervention.

Contact Numbers
Emergency (Edwardsville/Alton Campus                911
SIUE Edwardsville Campus Police 618/650-3324
SIUE Counseling Services 618/650-2842
SIUE Health Services 618/650-2842
SIUE Housing 618/650-3931
SIUE Student Affairs 618/650-2020
SIUE Alton Campus SDM Student Services 618/474-7170

University Police Response

When a sexual assault victim contacts the SIUE Police Department, service to the victim is of utmost priority. All officers are specially trained to handle sensitive crimes such as sexual assault investigations. In addition to apprehension of the offender, priority is given to providing medical care and counseling for the victim. Advocates are available from Counseling Services to assist the victim at any time during this process. Therefore, at the victim's request or upon consent, police will summon an advocate for the victim. Police will take the victim to the hospital and/or the victim may be accompanied by a relative or close friend. Trained medical personnel conduct a physical exam, with the victim's permission, using the Illinois State Police Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit. Police officers do not collect evidence of a personal nature from a victim's body. Follow-up medical care may be provided by University Health Services.

University Police accept reports of sexual assault from third parties and from victims who choose not to pursue criminal action. Every effort is made to protect the victim's identity.

• Student Affairs Response

Student Affairs response procedures include informing students of their option to notify law enforcement authorities. Personnel encourage such notification and offer to assist. Other services provided include a referral to Counseling Services and/or Health Services, movement to another living area, and/or a change in class enrollment, if necessary.

Victims may file a formal complaint against another student by contacting:

Edwardsville Campus (SIUE) - Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Rendleman Hall, Room 2306, 618/650-2020.Alton Campus (SIU SDM) - Office of the Assistant Dean for Admissions and Student Services, Building 273, Room 2303, 618/474-7170

• Counseling Services Response

Counseling Services Sexual Assault Prevention Program provides individual counseling and legal and medical advocacy to students who have been sexually assaulted. Victims in need of information, emotional support, and/or counseling for issues of sexual harassment, molestation, date/acquaintance rape, and sexual assault may seek confidential help at the Counseling Services office. Counseling Services will also provide an advocate to assist a victim in reporting a sexual assault to either on-campus or local police. At the request of the victim, an advocate will accompany the victim to the police station if the report is to be made in person. Advocates are also available to accompany the victim to the hospital.

Counseling Services is located on the Edwardsville Campus in the Student Success Center, lower level, Room 0220. Office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm, phone 618/650-2842. In addition, a counselor from Counseling Services is available at the Alton Campus every Tuesday from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm. After hours or weekend services may be obtained by calling University Police, 618/650-3324, and requesting a call-back from a counselor.

Additional counseling and advocacy resources for victims are: Call For Help, (800) 397-8707 or 618/797-1049 (24-hour hotline number); Chestnut Health Systems, 618/877-0316 (24-hour crisis hotline number that can be accessed for referrals only); and Wellspring Resources (24-hour adult crisis line 618/465-4388 or 24-hour child crisis line (800)345-9049 or go to for more information).

• On-Campus Disciplinary Action

University policy, as stated in the Student Conduct Code, specifies that acts of social misconduct should be reported to appropriate University officials or civil authorities. Criminal acts of social misconduct such as sexual assault, physical abuse, direct threat of violence, harassment, intimidation or behavior representing a danger to others, shall be reported to the University Police.

In addition to civil authorities pursuing criminal charges against the offender on behalf of the victim, the University may impose the following sanctions: Disciplinary reprimand/warning; assessment of restitution; restricted access; disciplinary probation; restricted course enrollment; separation for a definite/indefinite period of time; permanent separation (Dismissal); University residence probation/transfer; separation from a University residence.

The accuser and the accused are entitled to the same opportunities to have others present during a disciplinary proceeding; and both the accuser and the accused will be informed of the outcome of the University's disciplinary proceeding that is brought alleging a sex offense, regardless of where the alleged offense occurred.

• Off-Campus Disciplinary Action

SIUE's Student Conduct Code applies to student conduct both on and off campus, including conduct at events and meetings sponsored by University-recognized organizations, and in off-campus fraternity or sorority housing. The policy provides that a student organization or its officers may be held responsible for conduct by persons associated with the organization when the conduct received the tacit or overt approval or encouragement of the organization or its representatives. Conduct violating the standards established in the policy may result in University disciplinary action against the organization or individual (s) in addition to any action that may be brought by criminal or civil authorities for violation of local or state law or ordinances.

Through interagency cooperation with municipal police departments, the University seeks to be kept apprised of off-campus criminal activity involving students, student organizations, or off-campus fraternity or sorority housing so that the University may take appropriate action.


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