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To help provide a secure and safe environment, all members of the University community and visitors are expected, requested, and encouraged to report accurately and promptly any criminal activity or emergency that they observe or are the victim of to the campus police in a timely manner. Reporting may be accomplished by contacting the University Police directly at 618/650-3324 for non-emergencies or dial 911 for emergencies. You may also request assistance from a campus security authority, who will guide you in contacting the police. Below you will find a list of department contacts that may also assist you in contacting the police:

SIUE Counseling Services 618/650-2842
SIUE Health Services 618/650-2842
SIUE Housing 618/650-3931
SIUE Student Affairs 618/650-2020
SIUE Alton Campus SDM Student Services          618/474-7170


911 Public Service Answering Point (PSAP)

The SIUE Police Department at the Edwardsville Campus is a 911 Public Service Answering Point (PSAP) for the emergency system. By dialing 911 from any phone while on the Edwardsville campus, will put you in immediate contact with the SIUE Police Department. The system automatically sends location identification so the dispatcher can get an officer and any other emergency personnel needed to your location. In a non-emergency situation, you can notify the Police Department at 618/650-3324.

911 Calls

911 calls placed from University phones located at the Alton Campus, East St. Louis facility or the Springfield facility will automatically be received by the Police Department located in that jurisdiction. The system automatically sends location identification so the police department in that venue can dispatch appropriate police or other emergency personnel.

Code Blue Emergency Telephones

For your safety, the University has a network of 73 Code Blue Emergency telephones located on the Edwardsville campus, stretching from Prairie Hall on the southern edge of campus to Cougar Village on the north. Phones are located along walkways and in parking lots. You will find 4 Code Blue Emergency phones on the Alton Campus and 5 such phones at the East St. Louis Higher Education Center. Each phone has two buttons labeled "Info" and "Press For Help." The latter is used for emergency calls and activates the strobe light located within the unit. The "Info" button is for such instances as flat tires, dead batteries, etc. Both phone lines go directly to the SIUE University Police dispatchers who are able to identify the location of the caller from their console and respond to the caller appropriately.


If you are a victim of a crime and do not want to pursue action within the University system or the criminal justice system, you can make a confidential report. With your permission, the Chief, or a designee of the University Police Department can file a report on the details of the incident without revealing your identity. The purpose of a confidential report is to comply with your wish to keep the matter confidential while taking steps to ensure the future safety of yourself and others.

With such information, the University can keep an accurate record of the number of criminal incidents, determine where there is a pattern of crime, and alert the campus community to potential danger. Reports filed in this manner are counted and disclosed in the annual crimes statistics for the institution.

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