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University facilities exist to support the institution's principal functions of teaching, research, and service. In addition to classrooms, laboratories, and offices, the University has student residential housing, dining services, recreation facilities, child daycare, administrative support, maintenance, and utility facilities.

As a public institution, the SIUE Campus generally seeks to maintain open access to its facilities, but it maintains and regularly exercises the right to restrict access to facilities. For example, access to laboratory, service, maintenance and utility facilities is restricted for safety and operational reasons, and access to student residential facilities is limited to residents and invited guests.

The SIU School of Dental Medicine (SDM) located at the Alton Campus is closed after normal business hours, except for authorized personnel or individuals. Friends or family members are not allowed in the buildings after normal hours. If an unauthorized person is in an unauthorized area or in a restricted area after assigned hours, this is a violation of school policy and will subject the violator to disciplinary action and criminal sanctions.

If an individual has demonstrated an inability or unwillingness to conduct him or herself in accord with University policy or applicable law, the Chief of Police may issue a "Persona Non Grata" letter. A Persona Non Grata letter is a letter issued by the Chief of Police informing the individual that he/she is not allowed on any SIUE property. Failure to comply may subject the violator to arrest and prosecution for Trespass to Property.

The University acts to maintain secure and safe facilities for use by its students, employees, and visitors through the work of University Police, through its internal key and lock system and policies that control it, through the regular work of University maintenance and custodial personnel, through the assigned responsibilities of personnel in University Housing, by providing adequate interior and exterior lighting, and by fostering an awareness among members of the University community about safety and security matters and the need for timely reporting to the proper authorities of criminal or suspicious activities.

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