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Combat Water Survival Test

The Army Combat Water Survival Test at SIUE tests a cadet's stamina in water and their ability to complete three stations while wearing a uniform. First cadets must swim laps for 10 min without touching the sides or bottom of the pool. After a five minute break cadets must tread water for five minutes without touching the bottom or sides of the pool. These two events are done with swimming trunks or a swim suit on. After these two events are completed cadets put on ACUs and tennis shoes. With this on cadets must complete three events.

Above-Cadet DeMent assists CDT Richvalsky during the Equipment Ditch

The Equipment Ditch cadets have on an LBE and hold an M-16. The cadet must stand on the side of the pool and step backwards into the water. Once the cadet is in the water he/she must submerge himself/herself completely underwater and get rid of their equipment before resurfacing.

Above-CDT swims 15 Meters

The 15 Meter Swim cadets have on an LBE and carry an M-16 and must swim for 15 meters without touching the sides or the bottom of the pool.

Above-CDT walks blindfolded off the 3 Meter Drop

The 3 meter drop cadets have on an LBE and carry an M-16 and they are blindfolded and must walk off a 3 meter high diving board, in order to pass the cadet must keep hold of the weapon, take off the blind fold, and return to the side of the pool.