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Grading/Attendance Scenarios

Scenario I

One of my students has been faithfully attending my class and completing assignments in a timely manner. She suddenly stopped attending without contacting me. I was aware that she had been having family medical issues and I suspect the situation may have taken her attention away from my class. I don't want to negatively impact her grade, but I haven't discussed the option of completing requirements at a later date.

In this example, it might be best to assign a grade of WR. Since Incomplete grades automatically roll to an F after one year and the instructor and student didn't have the opportunity to discuss remaining requirements, the WR will serve as an accurate reflection on the student's record that she did not earn a grade in the class.

Scenario II

I have around 100 students in my class each semester. I do not take attendance nor do I require attendance. All students receive a grade calculated from their assignments and exams.

In this example, the instructor will need to re-evaluate the calculation of final grades. When a student has not submitted any work or completed any exams, the student would be assigned a grade of NS rather than earning an F.

Scenario III

I gave a student a final grade of NS because she never showed up in my class. After the term was over, she approached me wanting me to give her an F so that she could retain her financial aid. She said that she had been living in University housing and could not afford to lose her financial aid.

In this example, the instructor does not have the option to change the grade. Students who have questions regarding their eligibility to retain financial aid should be referred to the Office of Financial Aid. It is the instructor's obligation to report grades that accurately reflect a student's completion of a class. It is not the instructor's responsibility to help students retain financial aid.

Scenario IV

I have an attendance policy that stipulates that a student's grade will be lowered with each unexcused absence. A student attended in the beginning of the class and again at the end, but missed enough classes throughout the term to have their grade lowered to an F.

In this example, an F is an accurate reflection of the grade earned in your class. The student does not have to be present at all classes or complete all assignments/tests to earn a grade of completion.

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