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Academic progress is evaluated and recorded on students' official transcripts at the end of each semester. Students may review their final grades via CougarNet.

Grading System
Grade Point Average (GPA) Calculation
Incomplete Grades
Pass/No Credit
Auditing Courses
Repeated Courses

Grading System

The following grading symbols are used by the University:

Grading Symbol

Credit Points


4 credit points


3 credit points


2 credit points


1 credit points


0 credit points

The grade of F should not be assigned for non-attendance.

AU--Audit. No grade or credit hours earned.

DE--Deferred. Graduate Study and First Professional Degree: Used only for graduate courses and first professional degree of an individual continuing nature such as thesis or research or for internships and practica lasting longer than one term. A DE grade for course work of an individual nature such as research, thesis, or dissertation is changed to a completed grade when the project has been completed. Undergraduate Study: A DE grade is permitted only for the first semester of a two-semester Senior Assignment course sequence that has been approved by the Curriculum Council for assessment purposes.

I--Incomplete. Student did not complete all work required for the course during the term and has the permission of the instructor to do so within a specified time period. (NOTE: See the details of the policy on "incomplete" grades.)

NC--No Credit. Used for courses taken under Pass/No Credit option. No credit hours earned.

P--Pass. Used for courses taken under Pass/No Credit option. Hours may count toward graduation at the undergraduate level only.

PR--Progress. Awarded only for skills courses and only once for any given skills course. PR grades are not included in grade point average calculations. (To earn credit for a course in which a PR grade was earned, students must repeat the course and earn a passing grade.)

S--Satisfactory. Used for noncredit courses and thesis, and may be used for internships or practica at the program's discretion.

U--Unsatisfactory. Used for noncredit courses and thesis, and may be used for internships or practica at the program's discretion.

The following grades will result from student-initiated withdrawal within the terms of the University's withdrawal policy:

W--Withdrawal. Authorized withdrawal. This grade is recorded for student-initiated withdrawals within established University deadlines. Work may not normally be completed.

WF--Withdrew Failing. WF is calculated as F in grade average. This grade is recorded for student-initiated, faculty-approved withdrawal within established University deadlines.

WP--Withdrew Passing. This grade is recorded for student-initiated, faculty-approved withdrawal within established University deadlines.

The following grades will be assigned by the University for non-attendance when students fail to officially withdraw within established deadlines:

NS--Non-attendance. This grade is assigned by faculty when a student never attends the class in which he/she is enrolled.

UW--Unauthorized Withdrawal. Calculated as F in grade average. This grade is assigned by faculty when a student has attended or actively participated in a class without completing course requirements or officially withdrawing.

WR--Withdrawal by the Registrar. This grade does not impact a student's grade point average. It is used at the faculty's discretion when a student has attended or actively participated in a class without completing requirements or officially withdrawing.

Approved by Chancellor effective June 13, 2012

Grade Point Average (GPA) Calculation

Only SIUE courses are used in calculating the cumulative grade point average (GPA).
The GPA is calculated as follows:

A 4 credit points
B 3 credit points
C 2 credit points
D 1 credit point
F 0 credit points
AU Audit - 0 credit points
DE Deferred - 0 credit points
I Incomplete - 0 credit points
PR Progress - 0 credit points
P Pass - 0 credit points
NC No Credit - 0 credit points
S Satisfactory - 0 credit points
U Unsatisfactory - 0 credit points
UW Unauthorized Withdrawal - 0 credit points
W Withdrawal - 0 credit points
WP Withdrew Passing - 0 credit points
WF Withdrew Failing - 0 credit points
WR Withdrawal by Registrar - 0 credit points

Quality hours are multiplied by grade points to obtain quality points for each course.
Quality hours are awarded for courses with grades of A, B, C, D, F, UW, and WF.

The quality hours column is totaled.

The quality points column is totaled.

Total quality points are divided by the total quality hours. Grade point averages are rounded to the third decimal.

Courses Quality Hours x Grades Quality Points
AD 075A 0 x P (0) = 0.0
AD 090A 0 x NC (0) = 0.0
BIOL 111 3 x A (4) = 12.0
SPC 103 3 x F (0) = 0.0
THEA 141 3 x B (3) = 9.0
Total 9 21

Twenty-one (21) quality points divided by 9 quality hours yields a 2.333 GPA (grade point average).

Incomplete Grades

A grade of "I" (incomplete) may be awarded when a student has completed most of the work required for a class but is prevented by a medical or similar emergency from completing a small portion of the course requirement. Unless instructors have specified a shorter period of time, incomplete grades not completed within one year will automatically be changed to an F (graduation in the meantime not withstanding). Instructors who specify a shorter period of time must communicate that stipulation in writing, with copies to the Registrar, the department chair, and to students, at the time the incomplete is granted. Students who feel that mitigating circumstances justify an extension of the time limit may petition the faculty member who granted the incomplete.

Faculty members who agree to grant extensions must inform the student, the department chair, and the Registrar.

Students completing work for a course in which they have a grade of Incomplete should not formally re-enroll in that course, but should meet with their instructor to determine requirements for completing the course.

Pass/No Credit

Under the Pass/No Credit option, students receive a Pass for grades A, B, C, and a No Credit for grades of D or F. At the time of requesting Pass/No Credit, students may stipulate that they would rather receive the grade of D than No Credit.

Pass/No Credit is limited to courses outside General Education requirements and major and minor requirements. Students may enroll in no more than 9 hours of undergraduate coursework under the Pass/No Credit option. These limitations do not apply to courses offered only for Pass/No Credit.

A decision to take a course on a Pass/No Credit basis must be declared no later than the eighth week of the fall or spring term and the sixth week of the summer session, and must be approved by the adviser. Undergraduate students registering for a course for credit may change to or from audit status during the first six weeks of fall or spring terms and through the first four weeks of the summer term. Thereafter, no change may be made. Some graduate schools and employers consider Pass equivalent to a C grade.

Auditing Courses

You may register for Audit status for courses, but will receive neither a letter grade nor credit. Students auditing classes pay the same tuition and fees as those registered for credit. If auditing students do not attend regularly, the instructor may determine that they should not receive "AU" grades for the courses.

Veterans attending under the GI Bill do not receive benefits for audited classes. Illinois State Commession Monetary Award and Pell (Basic) Grant recipients may not include audit classes as part of the total hours to qualify for payment.

Repeated Courses

You may repeat courses at SIUE under the following conditions and restrictions:

  1. You may not repeat for credit a course that is a prerequisite for a course already completed successfully.
  2. You may only repeat a course 3 times. After the fourth course attempt, you will be restricted from registering for the class again.

Credits earned for any course will be applied only once toward degree requirements, no matter how often the course is repeated.

Effective Fall 2007, only the most recent repeat of a course is used in computing the grade point average. However, grades in all attempts of a course appear on the transcript.

The University is not obligated to offer a course simply to provide students an opportunity to repeat a previously attempted course. Additionally, individual academic units and programs may set more stringent conditions and restrictions regarding repeated courses.

You and your adviser are responsible for notifying the unit where you registered of any course that will be repeated that term. Failure to notify that unit about repeated courses could result in an inaccurate calculation of grades and academic standing.

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